As my wife and I travel we have a tendency to search out hiking trails that include waterfalls. To capture these it's best to shoot with a longer than normal exposure so that you get the feeling of movement in the flow of the water. The following photographs are some of the examples of my work.

Nature's Path

This is one of the many falls of the "George Trail" which is part of the Watkins Glen State Park. You can opt to hike either up or down due to a bus ride option at the park.

A Long Drop

Also from the "Gorge Trail" of Watkins Glen. I strongly recommend this hike if you are even passing through that area.

Two in One

The opportunities are numerous as you make your way up or down the Gorge Trail of Watkins Glen. In this photograph I could capture two of the falls in one frame.

The Magic of Nature

One of the difficulties of photographing the waterfalls of the Gorge Trail is capturing the image without people in the frame. The day I took this there was a great deal of traffic causing me to wait close to 15 minutes to be able to shoot the waterfall without people.

As the Day Ends

Harrison Wright Falls of Ricketts Glen State Park

Trickling Water

This is the trickling portion of a much bigger waterfall. It is part of Wyandot Falls of Ricketts Glen State Park. I took this photograph during a road trip in June of 2018.

The Mist of Eagle Cliff Falls

There is another waterfall located in the Watkins Glen area known as Eagle Cliff Falls. This is a gem because it is not as well known so the tourism is minimal.

Natural Beauty

This is Eagle Cliff Falls from a different angle. Notice the feeling of movement in the water due to the length of the exposure.

Taughannock Falls

Located in Trumansburg, NY this is the longest drop of all the waterfalls in New York State. The day I took this photograph is was just a trickle of water due to dry conditions.

The Top of Taughannock

This is another example of how to capture the movement of the water. This was a 1.3 second exposure. By shooting at this length there is a dreamyness feeling to the water.

Wyandot Falls

This is one of the 21 major waterfalls of Ricketts Glen.

The Old Power Plant

This is Horseshoe Falls with the old power plant in the background.

Nature Up Close

This is a closeup of the left side of the Harrison Wright Falls of Ricketts Glen. This park is a treasure that you should strongly consider adding to your list of things to do. It is a pretty extreme hike to see it all but it's well worth the effort.

Adams Falls

Ricketts Glen State Park. This park is located in north central Pennsylvania and it's not that well known. It has 21 major waterfalls in about 6 miles of trails. Some of these trails are quite rugged and difficult and I strongly recommend good hiking shoes/boots. If you taken the trails you will be rewarded with natures beauty in abundance.

Capturing the Falls

While I used my camera, this guy used his pencil and sketchbook.

Not for Me

This is the Hornblower Tour Boat of Niagara Falls. There's no way that I was going to pack myself into the crowds of these boats. Overpriced and overpacked.