One of the things my wife and I search out as we travel are the local cemeteries. Especially those that are old and historic. My goal is to capture the eeriness while doing justice to those who are represented by the monuments.

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia

The Pillar

We've been to Savannah, Georgia several times but were unaware of the Bonaventure Cemetery until a friend recommended it to me. Wow, what a brilliant place to visit. What I really enjoyed about shooting in this cemetery was not just my subjects but the backgrounds as well. The Southern live oak trees with the Spanish moss along with the fencing and subtle amount of flowers just added to the beauty of the images.

Our Darling Boy

This is another gravestone from Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah. We were happy to find this place and we truly enjoyed our visit.

Together Forever

My guess is Father & Son but, it's just a guess.

Father & Mother

More from Bonaventure Cemetery.

Section H

Road Signs of Bonaventure Cemetery.

The Pink Blossoms

What first caught my eye with this was the strategically placed pink blossom in the hand of the statue. It's as though she is placing it on the memorial. I'm sure that someone before me put it there intentionally and they did a fabulous job at doing so. This was also from the Bonaventure Cemetery of Savannah Georgia.

The Moss & the Urn

Bonaventure Cemetery.

Little Gracie

Little Gracie Watson was born in 1883, the only child of her parents. Her father was manager of the Pulaski House, one of Savannah's leading hotels, where the beautiful and charming little girl was the favorite of the guests. Two days before Easter, in April, 1889, Gracie died of pneumonia at the age of six. In 1890, when the rising sculptor, John Walz, moved to Savannah, he carved from a photograph this life-sized, delicately detailed marble statue, which for almost a century has captured the interest of a passerby. Note: this is what is stated on the placard in the lower left corner of the enclosed fence area.

Cedar Key, Florida

"Big Ed"

I'm pretty sure that "Big Ed" and I would not have see eye to eye on many issues and I think we would have had conflicting views on life but, you gotta give it to him.... he's surely made a statement with his shrine. If you look real close, you will see a photograph of him "flipping off" all who pass his grave.

Rusty Fence

More of the Cedar Key Graveyard.

Cedar Key Gravestone

I took this photograph in January of 2017 in Cedar Key Florida.

Big Ed's Firetruck

Many of the he graves in the Cedar Key Cemetery are adorned with accoutrements that are representative of the occupant of the grave. I take it that "Big Ed" was a fireman.

The Key Underwood Coon Dog Cemetery, Cherokee, Alabama

Coon Dog Cemetery

Reserved specifically for the burial of Coondogs. It is located about 29 miles outside of Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Your gonna need directions to get there but, it is so well worth the drive. The world's one and only. Make sure you sign the guestbook.

Signs of the Cemetery

"PR" Blackroad Roid Rage

Buck Shot

The Collar Remains

Blue, Smokey & Bozo


Doctor Doom

Ya Gotta Read This One

The Guest Register

Take note that the last entry is Juni Z. Our little mixed min-pin. She thoroughly enjoyed running around the cemetery during our visit.

Other Cemeteries

Harper Cemetery

Harper's Ferry, WV.


Graves of Antietam - In November of 2016 we toured the Antietam Battlefield and ended our tour at the Antietam National Cemetery. It is such a solemn and moving place.

Graves of Shepherdstown

Shepherdstown, WV.

Ghosts of the Labyrinth, Lewes, DE

I call this - Ghosts of the Labyrinth. If you look close, you can see two people within the Labyrinth. I was tucked down behind a gravestone with my camera aimed at the lights of the labyrinth when, during the 30 second exposure, these two people meandered into my scene, stopped just long enough to give this ghostlike effect, then saw me and hurried out of my way. Can you see them?