iPhone Photography

As it's been said many times, the best camera is the one you have with you at that decisive moment. The most expensive camera with the fastest possible lens does you no good when it's not with you. What is always with me is my iPhone and I've recently upgraded it to a 12 mini. Here is some of the images I've been capturing with that device that is always in my pocket.

Reflections in the Morning

I enjoy my morning walks around Lewes with my dog Juni and most of those mornings include hiking along the canal area.

Canalfront Park Lewes


With a crisp feeling in the air Juni and I headed out for our morning walk. Many times our path takes us along the waterfront with all of the boats in the harbor with the one big standout being the Lightship Overfalls. I do think that this is the most photographed boat in Lewes.

Loblolly Pine

Taken as we were hiking around Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

Among the Cat-o-Nines

Cattails of Prime Hook

Another Beautiful Morning

They just keep coming. These warm fall mornings have made our morning walks around Lewes quite enjoyable.

The Dramatic Clouds of Prime Hook

We are fortunate to live relatively close to the Prime Hook NWR and we try to go there a couple times a year to hike the trails and to experience the wildlife.

Marsh Grasses of Canal Front Park

Taken during my morning walk with my dog Juni.

Fallen Beauty

Taken during my morning walk with Juni.