iPhone Photography

As it's been said many times, the best camera is the one you have with you at that decisive moment. The most expensive camera with the fastest possible lens does you no good when it's not with you. What is always with me is my iPhone and I've recently upgraded it to a 12 mini. Here is some of the images I've been capturing with that device that is always in my pocket.

Framed in Green

This is just one of the many beautiful views at Letchworth State Park. Juni and I spent over seven hours in the park on this first day and hiked 8 1/2 miles & the equivalent of 182 flights of steps. Needless to say, we slept very well that night.

Hogsback Overlook

Yet another view at Letchworth State Park.

From the Bottom 

Juni and I finished our time at Taughannock Falls by hiking in the trail to the base of the falls. Juni really enjoyed this portion of the day because there were numerous places where she could access the water to wade and drink. Taughannock Falls is a gem of Upstate New York and it is well worth visiting if you are ever in the area. 

Taughannock Falls

The tree in front of the falls was done on purpose. I thought is added to the scene by putting it in the foreground.

Turn Around at Taughannock

Most people focus only on the falls but when you "turn around" this is what you see.

Ghost Pipes/Indian Pipes

I found these as Juni and I were hiking to the top of Taughannock Falls. I must be honest because I didn't know what they were so I put the question out to my friends on FaceBook and I quickly got answers from a number of followers.

NNY Coffee Shop

Otherwise known as North New York this coffee shop was a true gem. The proprietors were two very special people who showed me such compassion while I was visiting. Even better than that was their bagel and coffee. Both were delectable. They even mix their own half & half from the milk and cream they purchase from a local dairy farm. I strongly recommend that you visit them if you are ever touring the Montour Falls area. This is located just south of Watkins Glen.

Eagle Cliff Falls

In the past this was a little known spot located just south of Watkins Glen. Holly and I came here numerous times and it was just us or maybe two other people. This day it is teaming with life. I did a quick count and it’s 68 people plus me and Juni. It’s not the secluded place I thought it would be but it’s a joy to watch. 

Hammondsport, NY Waterfront

This was our first stop in Upstate New York and we spent a few days in this area. When pulling in Juni and I started out taking a walk along the waterfront and then as we were heading into town the sky broke loose with pouring rain. Of course we had no rain protection other than a small roof overhang so we got drenched. Juni was a champion and she just huddled against my legs as we stood there in our barely covered spot getting our soaking. What’s life without adventure?

Filling It Up

I went back to Letchworth State Park for a second morning so that I could photograph both the Middle and Upper falls in the early morning light. It was a Saturday morning and I saw what first looked like a crew of people filling up some Playhouses for the children that would be visiting that day but, to my surprise, it was two balloons. 

A Second View

Van Life

I pulled into my hotel for the night and I have a great view out of my hotel window. Actually I was staying in my van at the Sunset View Creamery outside of Odessa, NY. While there I purchased farm fresh cheeses, ice cream and other delectables. I recommend this creamery if you’re ever coming through the area. 

Lancaster County Farm

This is not NY... It's PA but it was taken during my trip. Juni and I were out for a walk when we came upon this scene.

Reflections in the Morning

I enjoy my morning walks around Lewes with my dog Juni and most of those mornings include hiking along the canal area. 

Canalfront Park Lewes


With a crisp feeling in the air Juni and I headed out for our morning walk. Many times our path takes us along the waterfront with all of the boats in the harbor with the one big standout being the Lightship Overfalls. I do think that this is the most photographed boat in Lewes.

Loblolly Pine

Taken as we were hiking around Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

Among the Cat-o-Nines

Cattails of Prime Hook

Another Beautiful Morning

They just keep coming. These warm fall mornings have made our morning walks around Lewes quite enjoyable.

The Dramatic Clouds of Prime Hook

We are fortunate to live relatively close to the Prime Hook NWR and we try to go there a couple times a year to hike the trails and to experience the wildlife.

Marsh Grasses of Canal Front Park

Taken during my morning walk with my dog Juni.

Fallen Beauty

Taken during my morning walk with Juni.