In the North

Ears Up

Donkey of Mohican Farms located in Blairstown, NJ. I stayed on the farm for a night because of my membership with Harvest Host. The farm was quite a gem with many fresh fruits & vegetables as we'll as prepared foods homemade on the farm. - iPhone Photography.

My Place for the Night

This again was taken at Mohican Farms. - iPhone Photography.

Above it All

I was spending the night at a brewery located close by in Plattsburg, NY. and when crossing a walk bridge that leads across the tracks I noticed this scene and just had to capture an image. - iPhone Photography.

Art on a Pole 1

This photograph along with the next two were taken on the grounds of the Cetre d'art Diane-Dufresne in Repentigny, Quebec

Art on a Pole 2

Art on a Pole 3

The Intimacy of Mother Nature 

Popping at the Seams - This was from a hike that Juni and I took on the Discovery Trail at the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge. Much of my day today was about the micro world that is happening around us and it's too easy to walk past without even noticing.

Fernheads 1

The World in Miniature. Taken on the Maquam Creek Trail of the refuge.

Fernheads 2

The World in Miniature. Taken on the Black Creek Trail of the refuge.

Vergennes Falls Park

Juni and I were traveling the "Blue Highways" today as we were making our way down through Vermont. As we were traveling we came across this lovely small town called Vergennes so I decided that this would be our spot to eat lunch. I choose this park and I was so glad I did. It was quite beautiful.

I'm a Going Fishin' 

Now this is the way to spend the afternoon. Relaxing by the fishin' hole just waiting for that bite.

Golden Oak & Jimmy D.

I saw this scene as Juni and I were hiking around the park in Vergennes. I was then speaking with a gentleman who told me they are on loan from the Lake Champlain Boat Museum and that the local high school kids crew each and race them. I really enjoyed this scene with the red brick, the stone, the white addition with a metal roof, the colorful chairs and, most of all, the boats.

Reflections of Vergennes

This is a wider view of the scene with Golden Oak & Jimmy D.

It's all About the Grapes

Taken while I was spending the night in the parking lot of Heron Hill Winery. As with so much of the Finger Lakes... "It's all About the Grapes".

More Grapes

Heron Hill Winery.

Docks of Penn Yan

I've taken photographs of this area numerous times over the years and I was drawn back again.

The Shed

This was also taken at the public boat ramp area of Penn Yan.

Old Building of Penn Yan

Each year that I come back to Penn Yan I think that this building will have been razed. It makes me happy to see that it remains.

Row Row Row Your Boat

Taken at the docks of Ogunquit, Maine. A beautiful little town. This photograph was featured in the Rehoboth Writers Guild. Art in the Am series in June 2019.

Looking out to Sea

Taken at an art shop on the docks in Camden, Maine. A beautiful little seaport town. 

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse

Located within Acadia National Park in the southwest portion of Mount Desert Island, Maine, marking the entrance to Bass Harbor and Blue Hill Bay.

Wells Beach Maine

Wells Beach is one of our favorite stops along the coast of Maine. The beach is rocky and during high tide, the water is banging up against the breakwalls that protect the town.

Portland Head Light

I took this photograph as we were heading into the Portland Harbor on a cruise ship. It was early in the morning and the sun had risen just a bit before. 

Mt. Gretna PA - July 2021


Holly and I took a road trip this past weekend to see our son and his husband. Part of our trip took us to Mt. Gretna where we hiked around the streets and pathways to enjoy the cottages. This was one of my favorites.

Colors of Mt Gretna

This is another example of the cottages of Mt Gretna. Full of color, a large porch, and wooded surroundings. 

The Tabernacle

I took this photograph while lying on my back in the tabernacle of Mt Gretna. It was very dark in under the roof covering so I had to crank my ISO to 8063 so that I could capture the image without a tripod. The exposure was 1/10 of a second which is rather slow for a handheld image so I did my best to rest my camera on the brim of my hat. I really enjoy all of the structural elements that were put in place to create this open air building. When looking back at the image I realized that they need to clean the center light fixture. Should I call and tell them?

It's All About the Porch

This is one of the more grand homes of Mt Gretna and it's a classic example of what it means to have a big, open air porch with plenty of space to sit with family and friends. This home is also a great example of balance in architectural design. The left side matches the right side in almost every way.

Forest Floor

This was taken on my afternoon hike with Juni and it is in a small wooded area called Bummies Woods (Baumgartner's Woods) in York, Pennsylvania. We were always told to stay out of here when we were children but, as a child, I couldn't understand why. It's quite a gem of a woods and I believe it is now part of the Penn State York Campus.

A Small Trickle

This is a small waterfall that is off to the side of the Middle Falls of Letchworth State Park. Most people touring the area don't take notice to these special little falls.

Upper Falls & the Gorge Bridge

Taked in the early morning hours at Letchworth State Park.

The Middle Falls 

Taken at 6:31 am in the morning. I awoke very early in the morning for my shoot at Middle and Upper Falls and quickly became frustrated as I realized that I didn't bring my tripod which is such an important tool when shooting a waterfall. It enables you to slow the shutter speed down enough to blur the water giving a feeling of movement. I still made it happen as best that I could by shooting at 1/15th of a second. I just couldn't get it any slower without blurring the overall image.

Side View of the Middle Falls

Just a bit of a different perspective. This is such a beautiful waterfall and it is a good example of why you should consider a trip to Letchworth State Park.

The Flower That Got in the Way

Not actually... It was my focal point.