PEI & Nova Scotia


Taken along the road on Prince Edward Island. I saw them feeding and just had to pull over for a photograph.

Prince Edward Island

This is a field that was a play area for Lucy Maud Montgomery in her childhood. Located in Cavendish of PEI, it is a good depiction of what much of the island looks like.

Another View

Same field from a different angle.

Crooked Structures of North Rustico

This is a good example of numerous areas of Prince Edward Island with the old structures that are leaning this way and that. Some in disrepair while others, though old and have peeling paint, are still in very good shape. It's a charm that must be seen to truly be appreciated. We love our time on the island and look forward to getting back again at some point.

One of Many

I took this photograph during our September 2018 road trip to PEI. During that trip we spent 15 nights and covered most of the island. One of the many interesting spots was the North Cape. It is a rocky beach and there were literally hundreds of rock balancing piles that people have done over the years. It was pretty cool to see. Notice the red tone to the rocks. That is the color of the sand and rocks all over PEI. It comes from the high level of iron.

Ahoy Matey

We found this guy during our travels along the East Point Drive of PEI. He was standing guard over one of the marinas.

West Point Lighthouse

Ahhh, what a lovely lighthouse. We climbed it with our little dog and it was a gem. I really like the black & white stripes but, as you can see, they don't go all the way around the structure. The living quarters of the lighthouse are now an Inn and it's available for your stay.

The Fields of Rustico

This is a very typical scene on Prince Edward Island. I took this photograph as we were traveling down a side road in the town of Rustico. I think the town name is fitting.

Lobster Traps of PEI

During our brief time on Prince Edward Island, we we saw many pleasant farm fields but, often those fields contained lobster traps.

Out to Pasture

As we traveled around Prince Edward Island in September 2018, we came across a number of these old fishing boats sitting in the tall grasses beside someone's home. I have to ask myself, not really expecting an answer, are they finished their work and resting only to rot away as nature takes hold or are they just waiting to roar back to life once more? We truly enjoyed our time on the island and we look forward to touring the Maritimes of Canada again in the future.

The Shed

I got up early one morning during our stay in Lunenburg and, based on a tip from a couple of locals, I headed out to Blue Rocks. On the way I found a wonderful little cove and in it was "The Shed". There was a light fog which added to the attractiveness of the scene.


Many would never consider taking their camera out in the fog but, to me, it is a truly wonderful time for photography. This is one of my favorites from my morning at Blue Rocks. I shot this shed when first heading out but the fog settled in even more so I just had to stop and shoot it again.

Harbor of Blue Rocks

A gem of a find. Located outside of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. It was recommended to me by two locals that I was speaking with and I was so glad I took the time to search it out. I was also thankful for the cloudy morning.

Art Shop of Blue Rocks

I came across this little "Art Shop" while driving to Blue Rocks during our recent road trip. I didn't get to meet the artist but I imagine he or she would be an interesting person. This is located just outside of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

The Point General

The best little coffee shop ever. Located in Blue Rocks, just outside of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. They individually brew your coffee to order and they have the best chocolate croissants on earth. So glad we found it.

The Green Dory

I came across this scene as I was driving the Blue Rocks area of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Two men that I met while walking around Lunenburg told me that I needed to take this drive with my camera and I was so glad that I did. It was an overcast morning and the fog was rolling in during my drive time. Take notice of the evergreen tree all decorated with lobster trap buoys. Also note that the water was so still that the reflections are mirror like. This is a true gem of Nova Scotia and I strongly recommend driving to Blue Rocks if you are ever in Lunenburg.

Small Structures of Blue Rocks

This was taken during my foggy morning tour of Blue Rocks located just outside of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Sunset at Indian Harbor

Located just 4 miles from Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, this little gem of a harbor doesn't get the crowds. Taken during our September 2019 road trip.

Indian Harbor

This was our view from the King Neptune Campground during our stay in September 2017. This is just one of the many, many coves of Nova Scotia.