Under the Setting Sun

Taken on Lewes Beach as the sun was setting on a warm night in June 2016. This was the cover photograph of the Delaware Beach Life Magazine for the August 2017 issue. I was quite proud to see it in print.

Resting in the Harbor

Taken during an early morning walk on Lewes Beach. I have to drag myself out of bed in those early hours but once I'm out and the sun begins to rise I feel tired no more.

Textures of the Morning

I took this on one of my early morning walks on Lewes Beach. It was approaching low tide and the textures/ripples from the moving water were on full display.

Gloomy Serenity

Lewes Beach on a gloomy day. But, something about being close to the water can still brighten your day. At least it does for me. Get out and enjoy the day no matter what it has to offer.

Morning Rush

I enjoy capturing movement in my photography and the best way for me to do this is to shoot moving water at a slow shutter speed. In this image I capture the rush of the water as it was heading back into the ocean after an incoming wave. The trick is to be able to do this without getting wet feet. Though this is considered a long exposure, it was really only 1.5 seconds yet I still caught the movement.

The First of July

I drug myself out of bed at 5:05am on July 1st, 2018 to go for a sunrise walk on Lewes Beach. When I got to the beach I saw this sailboat anchored offshore and I knew it was going to be my subject once the sun started to rise.

Inlet in the Snow

I woke this morning to snow and, as much as I dislike cold weather, I still get excited when I see this natural white covering. So, I grabbed my camera and headed out for a three hour shoot. One of the great things about snow is that you can shoot all day long and you are not limited to capture that perfect light. This photograph was taken from the public parking lot at Roosevelt Inlet in February of 2016. It was taken from the Inlet parking lot looking northwest to the entrance of the Broadkill River.  I'm sad to say that the old dock pilings in the foreground are now gone.

Patriotic Paint Job

This old barn is located along Route 1 north of Lewes. I had been looking forward to a snowy morning so that I could take a photograph with this effect. In February of 2016 I got what I was looking for. This barn has since been renovated with the side section removed. They did repaint it in these patriotic colors and, someday it will be old looking again.


When the snow comes I grab my camera and go. This scene was taken in the Cape Henlopen State Park in February 2016.

Gull in the Snow

This photograph was taken along the canal in Lewes, Delaware.

Winter Workboat

In the harbor of Lewes. February 2016

As the Day Ends

Sunset from the point of the Cape Henlopen State Park. This is a highly photographed scene and I understand why. It is such a beautiful place to watch the sunset in Sussex County. You can see more of my work at

Full Moon Observation

I climbed out of bed at 3:30 on this particular morning to head out for a photo shoot. I had several things in mind but, as it normally goes, other and better things became available. I happened upon this scene as I was walking back from the Great Dune of the Cape Henlopen State Park. This photograph is the setting of the full moon behind one of the WWII Observation Towers of the Delaware coast.

The Fishing Pier

At 5:24 am. I took this photograph in the early morning hours at the Cape Henlopen State Park. There were a number of diehard fisherman out at the end of the pier. This was a 30 second exposure at f/14. 

The Delriver

My goal, as it was last month during the setting of the full moon, was to capture the moon, unobscured, behind the Delriver. Well, the clouds got in the way yet again. I did take this photograph at 5:53 am just before the moon disappeared.

Break Time

This is Paul. Paul is a good friend of mine and he's a contractor in the Lewes and Rehoboth area. I got a call from him this one day telling me that the surf was up and that he was going to take a break from work and head to the beach. I followed along with my camera and I'm glad I did. The waves were great and the weather was perfect. I then submitted this photograph for the Delaware Beach Life 2018 Competition and it won First Place in the People Category.

The Grill of Many Colors

I saw this old truck sitting out in the back area of this farm in Dorchester County and I just had to pull in for a few photographs. I just love shooting this odd old stuff. This was a featured piece in the Rehoboth Writers Guild, Art in the AM for October 2018 and it was printed in the book "Scenes - A Collaboration of Coastal Writers & Artists" with the short stories by six authors who were inspired by the image.

The Old Ford

A black & white version of "The Grill of Many Colors"

Keeping it Together

At least it's trying to. As I was driving around the backroads of Dorchester County I came along this old abandoned property so I pulled into the driveway and I found this gem in the backyard. It looks like the shingles are doing their best at "Keeping it Together".

Pots & Baskets

Now we just need some crabs... Taken at a boat ramp in Church Creek, MD.

Pots -O-Stuff

Crab baskets trash cans. On the docks in Dorchester.

Back in the Day

I spend two days trying to capture the heart of Dorchester County, MD. I had a brilliant time traveling around with inspiration abounding. There was something to catch my eye at each and every turn. I met a number of interesting people, ate in the local restaurants and stores, and, most of all, took many, many photographs that kept me busy for quite some time. I hope I did justice to the people and places of Dorchester County. 


Hooper's Island at sunrise.

Arundel-icious - Have you ever tried it...?

In a side yard of Hooper's Island.

Morning in the Cove

This is looking out over the Hongo River at sunrise. 

Hooper's Island Bridge

Built in 1980 with a proposed cost of $500,000 but ended up at more than $3.5 million. Is it a "Monument of Man's Stupidity"? See here for the thoughts of then County Commissioner Tom Flowers thoughts. I think you'll get a good chuckle.

The Trees of the Marsh

I took this photograph from the parking lot of Old Salty's Restaurant on Hooper's Island, MD.

Isle in the Fog

I left yesterday morning and headed to Hooper's Island and there was a heavy fog for most of my morning travels. This scene was taken as I was crossing a narrow strip of land at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and it just grabbed my attention. This was taken with what I call my "Real Camera" and I can not post these photographs until I'm back at my home. So, although my short excursion is over, I now get to truly see what I captured with my Nikon.

Death in the Marsh

As the saltwater of the Chesapeake Bay intrudes the Marsh the trees die off. It creates a beautiful but sad scene. Taken on Hooper's Island during my recent road trip.

Fall Softness

Sometimes it's the little things that capture my attention and this scene was yelling to me.

Fence Along the Road

The mix of colors captured my attention as I was driving along Hooper's Island Road.

Pine Tree and the Docks

More from Hooper's Island, MD.

Cranes at the Water's Edge

This scene was taken at the docks of Vienna, MD and it's not the cranes you would normally see along the water's edge.

Buddy - The work dog... 

Buddy quickly became Juni's and my friend during our stay at Arlington Farm. I was told that they were having problems with the local fox population wiping out their chickens and ducks. That is until they got Buddy. Once he showed up and went to work the fowl could go about their merry way without fear.

Keeping Watch

When we first pulled onto the farm property, the goats greeted us by watching our every move. As we were parking and getting out of the car, Nurrel told me that I could allow Juni to run off lead. I did and for the next half hour she chased the goats all around the property. I finally got her back on her leash and the goats then kept watch of our every move.

Crossing the Fence Line

The fence doesn't stop the goats from making their way about the farm. These guys were such a hoot to watch as Juni and I hike around the farm.

More of the Herd

It's like they were saying "No way are we gonna allow that little dog to sneak up on us again".

The Pond

This was my view from my camping spot at Lexington Farm. 

The Chesapeake Deadrise Workboat

Used for crabbing, oystering, catching fish or eels. This classic boat design is found throughout the Chesapeake bay areas. I photographed these two at a marina in Hoopersville. 

A Crab's Point of View

This is the entrance to a crab pot. I guess it's how a crab sees it as it's out foraging for food. They first make their way in through this opening. Then, as they try and work their way to the food, they travel to the upper section of the pot. Once there.... There's no way out. 

Pulleys Abound

Here a pulley, there a pulley, everywhere a pulley. These are located on most of the dock areas of Dorchester County and they are used to lift the crab pots and other gear either on to or off of the workboats. Many of the boats themselves have their own pulleys attached for a similar use. This one was located along a dock area of Hoopersville. 

There's Always That One

And it's typically me. Won't fall in line, off doing my own thing, never really taking orders... Oh well, at least I have fun. I took this photograph of these Sanderlings on the beach at Cape Henlopen State Park. while I was out photographing surfers.

Osprey in the Morning

The Osprey spend much of the summer in and around the Delmarva Peninsula. I look forward to their return each spring and I enjoy seeing the majestic birds as I spend time hiking, kayaking and just out enjoying the great outdoors.

The Yellow Legs of Prime Hook

These birds are called Greater Yellow Legs. I wonder how they came up with that name.

Egret Island

I took this photograph at the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge. This Snowy Egret was enjoyings its private island oasis.

Background Noise

Sometimes it’s the background that truly makes the photograph. That’s how I felt about this. I just love all the blacks & whites of the ripples and how they almost overpower the image.

Glossy Ibis Silhouette

I took this photograph in Aug of 2015 at the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.


I was out early one morning and I came across a large flock of Snowy Egrets so I pulled my jeep off the road, setup my camera and started capturing them as they were feeding. I noticed several of them jumping whenever they got close to this one particular spot but it wasn't until I got home and downloaded my images that I realized the cause of their actions... a blue crab protecting its turf. 

Noise Makers

But what a joyful noise it is... at least to me it is. These are Snow Geese and these birds spend several months each winter in the Lewes, DE area. They come in large numbers and they spend their time eating the remnants of the corn in the local farm fields. Sometime there are so many in one spot that, from a distance, it looks like snow on the field.

Late December 2015

Yet still so much color. It has been the warmest December that I've ever experienced causing the green grasses to look like spring. This was taken this morning along Prime Hook Road in Sussex County Delaware.

Seafood Breakfast

This is the Great Blue Heron. We are fortunate to have them on the Delmarva Peninsula year round. I took this photograph at the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge in the early morning hours of March 2014.

Heron in the Brush

Great Blue Heron of Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

Blue Morning

At Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge. I sat along Prime Hook Road early one morning and my target of choice was this Great Blue Heron who was busy getting his morning breakfast. I took numerous photographs and this was one of my favorites.

The Fluffy Bottom

...of a Great Blue at Prime Hook. A rather precarious position indeed. This is actually the same heron as "Blue Morning".

The Lone Sailboat

Docked in the canal in the center of the Irish Eyes reflections. I was out early this morning on my walk with Juni but we were in that middle light area. That grey time of the morning that comes after the beautiful predawn blue light but before the golden colors as the sun is rising.

Over the Overfalls

That little white ball in the sky is a 79% Waning Gibbous... yeah, I know... it's the moon. It was great to be back out with my Nikon and with Juni of course. Enjoy your day.

Blue Skies of the Morning

Taken well. before sunrise along the canal in Lewes. It's nice to be back to using my Nikon and it's always special to be on a walk with my little dog Juni.

Front Street

Architecture of Lewes. I was up very early this morning and I was in time to catch the blue hour that comes well before sunrise. You can see the light starting to change way off in the distance and there were some wispy clouds that added a texture to the sky.

Morning Blues of Lewes

This is more of my early morning walk on February 16th.

Gull on a Piling

Taken during my early morning walk with Juni.

Morning View

This is the view that I get to see during many of my morning walks with my little dog. I never want to take this for granted. 

Piling Reflections

Taken from the walking path of the Canal Front Park looking across the canal to the pilings in front of Irish Eyes. You can see the green and yellow lights of the restaurant's deck area.

We're Open

Lewes Harbor Marina is open and ready for business... and, keep in mind, I took this photograph at 6:05 this morning as Juni and I were taking our walk. Note: I didn't have a tripod with me so I had to prop my camera on a piling to be able to capture this with minimal blur. It's called, making use of what's around you.


As the silt from the canal is pushed in around the Overfalls it becomes "Stuck". Taken during my morning walk

Pine Needles

Juni and I took a nice long walk in the pine forest of the Cape Henlopen State Park again today. Our weather today is again giving me that yearning for spring.

The Pier

It was a grey morning walk with just a touch of color at the horizon as the sun was making its first appearance for the upcoming day. I took this photograph along the canal in Lewes and I'm looking toward Rehoboth Beach with the Freeman Highway Bridge in the frame. I had to use a post as a makeshift tripod due to the lack of natural light at that time of the morning. Get out there and enjoy the day.

Looking up a Pine

How do you look up a pine? Well, let me tell you how I do it... I lie on my back in a soft bed of pine needles with my head close to the trunk of the tree and then focus my camera towards the top. Thus I end up with an interesting look at nature. 

The Crows Nest

And the light is always on. This is the crows nest of the Lightship Overfalls  of Lewes, DE. Yeah, Juni was with me. See more at

The Maritime Flagpole

Located along Gills Neck Road, I walk past this flagpole most every morning and I've been wanting to photograph it with the sunrise in the background. This morning I had the opportunity to capture it. I think my dog Juni was as happy as I was.

Artwork in the Park

Blockhouse Pond Park, Lewes, DE

On the Broadkill

For my therapy today I went to Milton and spent a few hours kayaking the Broadkill River. When my fishing line got snagged onto a stump and I went back into the back water area to retrieve it, this was the sight I saw. This tree had created it's own little island "On the Broadkill".


Taken as I was kayaking in my favorite pond in Delaware. This is a bald cypress tree that is surrounded by duckweed.  

Morning on Wagamons Pond

I took this photograph while kayaking on Wagamons Pond in Milton, DE

Getting in Close 

Taken at the same time as when I was tucked back in retrieving my fishing line from its hold on a sunken stump. The plant is an Arrow Arum. 

All Decked Out

For the Annual Joe Morris Flounder Tournament. This guy looks like he's ready for a good day on the water.

Duckweed and the Clear Blue Sky

Yet another photograph from my day kayaking with the pond covered in duckweed. This is not a healthy sign for the pond but it is so beautiful to experience.

The Milton Mermaid

I took this photograph while kayaking on Wagamons Pond in Milton, DE

A Time of Reflection

Blockhouse pond in a peaceful state. Taken during my morning walk with with my dog Juni.

November Sunset

I went out to the point this evening to shoot the sunset with a new camera. It's a Sony Cyber-Shot RX1000 VII. It is small and very compact and I'm hoping it gives me the quality I'm looking for while being very easy to carry around. I'm pleased thus far.

Hard at Work - Street Photography at the Beach

While I was out at the point last evening I saw this photographer working hard for this couple's special moment. She was up and down, back and forth, using an off camera flash as the sun was setting in the sky. I've done that and it's a workout. I just had to capture the moment in my own way. Are you the photographer or are you one of the couple or do you know any of them? If so, I'll gladly give you a high resolution copy of this image.

Blue Skies, Clouds & the Overfalls

Holly and I walked down to the dock area of Lewes today to enjoy the sunshine after the rains. The clouds were just beautiful and they kept changing due to the wind. It has been some of the best fall weather that I can remember. Get out there and take advantage of it while we can.

Lewes Harbor Marina

It's Black Friday and it's an overcast, cloudy morning. No winds yet but it's to be blowing pretty hard this afternoon.

Good Morning Sunshine

Taken during my brisk morning walk with my dog Juni today. With just a touch of clouds and the blues still present in the sky. This is looking SSE from the Canal Bridge on Savannah Road in Lewes.

Run Down

A fresh coat of paint, a little roof repair and, who knows... This property sits along route 1 in Sussex County, DE and I've been wanting to photograph it along with the fruit stand that sits beside it for quite some time. Whenever I go by it just doesn't seem like the right light but, as you can see, I don't have much time to capture it the way that I want before it's gone. There are a good number of these old abandoned homes in southern Delaware and I'm sure that each one could tell some great stories.

Parking Around Back

This is a closeup of the signage on the front porch.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

This is the entire scene. Now I want to capture it in a snowstorm.

Lewes Harbor Marina

Taken during my morning walk with Juni. It was a balmy 58 degrees for our walk and it is December 17th. I can not remember such a warm late fall and I just wonder what winter will bring.

Keep Out

A strange scene that caught my eye at Port Mahon, DE.

Do as the Sign Says

A bit of positivity to brighten a cloudy day. Port Mahon, DE.

Lady of Peace

Taken on a side street in Ocean City, MD. iPhone Photography.

Seed Pods

A sure sign of spring. Taken in my backyard. iPhone Photography.

Still Red, White & Blue

Even though it's in black & white. Port Mahon, DE.

Beyond Sun

Many times you leave the beach as soon as the sun goes down but it really pays to stick around for a bit and you may be pleasantly surprised with what occurs "Beyond Sunset". This is another photograph from my shoot this evening at the Point in the Cape Henlopen State Park.

My Subject

Juni ends up getting numerous portraits taken when I'm trying out a new camera. This was taken from a distance with the camera all but sitting on the ground and I was using the full zoom potential of 200mm. It will never equal what I can do with my Nikon but I'm pleased with what it is capable of capturing with its small, compact size. Note: I am using the camera in all manual settings with the exception of the auto focus. I'm having fun figuring out how to get the most out of this camera.

The Gull & the Lightship

Taken during our afternoon walk along the docks. The dramatic clouds where the remnants of this mornings rains. They've since moved out of the area and we'll have clear skies this evening.

Thelma Dale & the Angry Sky

The rains were over but the clouds persisted for another hour or so before the clear skies prevailed.

Morning Light & Reflections

We are back to taking our walks through the canal front park where the Overfalls takes center stage. The morning the tide was full and the golden light was adding its warm glow.

Taking It All In

This is from a recent sunset photoshoot at the Cape Henlopen State Park. While shooting I saw this man walking further and further out the sandbar. With each few steps he would stop for a bit and look at the scene. He finally got to the point where the composition was just right. Thus here he is "Taking It All In".

Overfalls in Black & White

Another photograph from our afternoon walk along the docks of Lewes.

The Marina in B&W

This is another take on my photoshoot of the Lewes Harbor Marina.

Garden of Good and Evil

I took this photograph in the Park that surrounds the Zwaanendael Museum during a recent early morning walk.

To Let

And it's available... are you? Berlin, MD. iPhone Photography.


Taken during the annual tulip festival in Lewes, DE. During this time of year the town is bubling over with tulips most everywhere you cast your eyes. iPhone Photography.

Purple Pitcher Plant

Taken from my kayak on Waples Pond. I had to reach out to friends to help in the identification of this plant.