Street Photography

My favorite form of photography is shooting people in the street. Sometimes it's with the knowledge of my subjects and sometimes without. I've processed most of this work in black & white because I just feel that in many situations color takes away from the feeling that I'm trying to capture with the image. I hope you enjoy my work and, maybe, just maybe, you will find a photograph of someone you know or maybe even one of you.

Stranger in the Park

I took this photograph on March 17th, 2011 in New York City's Central Park. It was my first time to shoot street photography. It takes nerve and courage to aim your camera at a stranger and capture their image. It was exhilarating and it was the beginning of a love and a desire to do it again and again. I enjoy many forms of photography but this is my favorite.


How could you spend a day taking photographs in NYC and not shoot the citybike bike rack . This is my take on the subject.

Got Her

He "Got Her" and I got him getting her. And they didn't seem to mind me doing so. I really enjoy shooting in the streets of New York.

One of Many

Too many. New York City Street Photography.


Filled with sad memories. Sometimes just being able to touch something of remembrance helps the soul. Taken during a solemn moment at the 911 memorial in NYC.

A Big Smile

Our waitress in the Arts District of Portland, ME

A Big Smile II

During our visit to New Orleans we ate breakfast at Mother's Restaurant and as I was paying the bill I asked the cashier if I could shoot her photograph. She obliged with the biggest smile anyone could ask for. 

In All Her Glory

So much of the activity in the French Quarter of New Orleans relies on attracting the attention of the tourists to, hopefully, receive a tip for the entertainment provided. This street performer was certainly doing a good job at attracting attention. She attracted mine and received a tip as well.

Stranger in the Coffee Shop 

Taken in a little coffee shop in New Oxford, PA in April of 2012.

Lucky Dogs

As you walk around the French Quarter of New Orleans, the one thing that you are most likely to see is a “Lucky Dogs” hot dog vender. They seem to be wherever there is a congregation of people or, they are moving on to their next destination. 

Boy at the Flower Show

This guy looked about as excited as I was at the Philadelphia Flower Show.


Taken as we were walking around Nice, France. We passed by a laundromat and this lady was sitting there "Alone". I just loved her look.

Taking Orders

We went to the Philadelphia Flower show and I was so bored that I spent my time in the Reading Terminal Market taking photographs of the staff and shoppers. I ended up having a really good day. Now I look forward to going back to the flower show to do the same thing again.

Looking For a Mark

The Magician Entertainer of Jackson Square. Searching out his next victim. I found that if I got into Jackson Square early, I could find my spot, sit down, and people wouldn't notice me. I really liked this guy who was working the tourists trying to get a "Mark" to demonstrate his talents and acquire his prise... Cash. 

Bandana & a Cigarette

This is a street scene in the artist performance area of Jackson Square. I was photographing the band when this lady came walking through with her “Bandana & a Cigarette”.  She had an angry look on her face that told me she just wanted to get out of my frame. Shooting street photography is my favorite activity with my camera and New Orleans just bubbles over with inspiration for this art form. 

Dog in Le Baux

On the Streets of Le Baux De Provence. As we were touring the area I kept seeing this guy and his dog and I photographed them several times but this one was my favorite. I like how the dog is perusing the scene while his owner is busy searching the shop window.

Our Waitress

Also from Pop's Diner. She helped me break the ice with the clients of the restaurant so that I could photograph them. I couldn't have achieved my goal without her.

The Clients

Taken in Pop's Restaurant in a small town in North Central Pa. When I first walked into this restaurant with my big camera in tow, everyone became quite and pretty much ignored my presence. By the time I left, they were all allowing me to take their photographs. Even the owner/chef came out of the back kitchen so I could shoot him as well. 

Break Time – at Café Du Monde…

One of my favorite locations in the French Quarter and I happened upon these four waitresses at “Break Time”. This is an amazing place with a very limited menu that consists of fried dough white confectioners sugar and coffee yet it is one of the busiest spots in town. And, it’s open 24hrs/day. 

Taking a Hike

I saw this Amish family "Taking a Hike" on the trail to Taughannock Falls in Trumansburg, NY and I had to photograph them. While I was doing so the one son kept looking at back at me.

Deak's Wheels

This is the mass of advertisement for Deak Harp of Clarksdale, Mississippi. It's what caught my eye as we were walking around town and it compelled to go into his shop. I'm glad I did.

Deak Harp of Clarksdale

Deak has a recording studio on a side street in Clarksdale, MS and he allowed me into his space to shoot a few photographs. The woman on the left side of the image seemed uncomfortable when I was taking aim with my camera. She's my favorite part of the image.

Bruce, An Artist at Work

We met Bruce on the streets of Cape Charles during a road trip of the DelMarVa Peninsula. He was working on his latest sculpture. What an interesting person. We ended up speaking to him for about 40 minutes about his work, his life and Cape Charles. He's also the author of "The Be-Bop-A-Lula Kid" which takes place in Cape Charles. Bruce gave me his email address so I sent him a copy of this photograph. In return, he sent me a copy of his book. You can see Bruce's work at Vintage 209 located at 209c Mason Ave. 

Beautiful in Color

This is an illegal street vendor of Pisa, Italy. We were told that it's illegal for tourists to purchase merchandise from anyone that is not in a fixed stand or at a store location yet there were numerous wandering people trying to sell their wares and, they are quite bothersome and persistent. I quickly learned that all I had to do was point my camera at them and they would scatter. This woman still kept coming back thus I captured "Beautiful in Color".

I Wanna be a Star

While in New Orleans I spend a good bit of time shooting people in Jackson Square. This area attracts many street performers thus it also attracts many tourists and performer wanna bees. It was a great spot for me to sit and capture people of interest. During one of my days sitting there I noticed this guy who kept dancing around, tossing his hat and trying to get my attention so... Here is his photograph.

A Touch of Paris

Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia, PA


I took this photograph on the streets of Nice, France. We loved that city and especially the historic area with the incredibly narrow streets. I call this "Happy" because of the two parents photographing their child with smiles on their faces and the little boy was dancing around enjoying his day.

A Decisive Moment

I took this photograph in September of 2015 in the Boston, Mass. As we were touring the area we stopped off  in the Public Garden, Boston Commons Park to relax. While there, I saw this woman trying to photograph a Canada goose. I just had to capture her capturing her scene. 

Enjoying the Jazz

We did a 5-day tour of New Orleans in the beginning of December of 2015 and during that trip I took over 800 photographs of the city, the people, the architecture and the jazz… I knew that this one would be my favorite at the time that I took it. Looking through that viewfinder and seeing this little girl just mesmerized by the saxophonist just touched me. She was truly “Enjoying the Jazz”. It is quintessential New Orleans. 


As we sat at the Pinocchio Restaurant in Monaco. I saw this man preparing to "Open" his shop for the day. Fortunately I had kept my camera at the ready that I was able to capture his expression.

Jacks in Rome

Most times when I'm taking photographs in the street my subject(s) have no idea that I'm capturing them. There is an exception and that's when there are dogs involved. They always seem to notice me and they give me the cutest, most curious looks. The two Jacks were no exception.

Special Delivery

I saw this occurring as we were walking through the Pisa, Italy area. This lady's flat was on the second floor of this apartment building and she was receiving a delivery. Instead of coming down to the ground floor to pick up her package, she had the delivery person tie it on to her rope and she proceeded to pull it up to the balcony.

If Looks Could Kill

Taken in a little Italian cafe on a side street in Rome in October, 2014. We were sitting and having lunch when this lady came by on her scooter. As I began to shoot her photograph, she glanced over and gave me a look that could kill. Then, I took notice to the look that the taxi driver was giving me as well.

Speeding Down Royal

But not actually going that fast… I took this with an exposure of 1/15 of a second while panning with my camera. It is just a long enough exposure to blur the entire background while keeping just the face of my subject in focus and giving the sensation of speed.

The Sailor

As I travel around and see interesting people I either just shoot them doing whatever they're doing or i ask If I can take their photograph. Prior to asking, I make sure all my camera settings are ready because I want to capture that initial moment that they say yes and not give them time to pose. "The Sailor" was a man that I met in Cedar Key Florida. At first he was leary of me but he ended up telling me his story and what an interesting story it was. He was there living on his very small sailboat for a few months and he told me of his many travels. His boat was no bigger than 17'.

Play Dead

The Street Performer needs to attract attention. They need people to feel what they are doing so that they receive tips. It’s not all about the money but money is a big, big part of it. This one is… Different… The street performer has a very obedient dog that really knows how to “Play Dead” while looking like it’s drunk.  Being a lover of dogs, it’s hard to see this display without having some pains for the pet.  What do you think? 


I met Lawrence while he was fishing in a small stream in the Hooper's Island area. He was pleased to have me take his photograph but, his only request was that I send him a copy which I gladly did. He told me of his many fishing adventures. Sometimes a quick stop for a photograph ends up taking much more time as my subjects open up and tell me about their lives. I love it.

Shrimp Boat Captain of Brunswick

I was shooting photographs along the docks of Brunswick Georgia and I saw this guy on the Shrimp Boat - Warrior. He told me that it was his family's boat and that his father had run it for many years. Now he and his brother share in those responsibilities as Co-Captains. He also told me of the struggles that they face trying to make a living in this industry do the the regulations, overfishing, etc. He offered to take me out for a day of shrimping and I very sadly had to pass on his offer because we were leaving town for our next destination.

The Perfect Selfie

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore. This young couple caught my eye as they were trying to get the "The Perfect Selfie".

Messing with the Tourist

I loved watching this scene come together. It took place in Florence, Italy. I saw the asian man's wife talk him into getting his photograph with the street performer. As he stepped up and leaned in, the street performer quickly swiped the tourists hat and exchanged it for the stirpped turbin while putting the ball cap on his own head. The tourist just took it all in stride.

Man in Chains

I just loved this guy's look. The chains, the tie tucked into the top of his pants, the handkerchief tucked in his pocket, the hat, the umbrella... and while all of this was going through my mind I knew I had to take his photograph. 

The Dog in the Car

I've said it before and there's no doubt that I'll say it again... When I shoot people in the street they rarely notice that I'm doing so, but, when I shoot dags, it's rare that they don't notice me. That was the case with this photograph. This was taken on Decatur Street in New Orleans. Note, it was in December so the dog was not in danger of heat exposure.

Sleeping in the Square

I took this photograph in the early morning hours at Jackson Square. This caught my eye with shoes and the backpack neatly stored under the hammock. 

Tending to the Flowers

Street Photography in New Orleans, December 2015.

Maitre d' and the Menu Board

While touring Rome we found this quaint little cafe on a side street with outdoor seating. As we were ordering our food the maitre d' started updating the menu board with the daily specials. I just had to capture this scene.

The Tweed Jacket

Just a man walking down the streets of Nice, France. I liked his look and I liked the background with all the shutters on the windows.


On the streets of Mackinac Island, Michigan. I loved this woman's outfit and had to capture her capturing the moment.

Father & Daughter

Boston Public Garden. I just couldn't pass this scene without capturing it. 

Wooly Willy - Did you have one? 

I took this photograph inside of the A. Schwab Store on Beale Street in Memphis Tennessee.

The Proprietor 

This is the Chef/Owner of Pop's Restaurant. At least he was at the time of my photoshoot. It took awhile for everyone to feel comfortable with me but they did so and I captured some wonderful photographs. I couldn't have done it without the assistance of our waitress.

Tuba Transporter

While walking up Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans I saw this guy riding his bicycle while carrying his tuba on his back. It looked like a rather top heavy load to me.

Waving Bikers

This was taken in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. I was out on the balcony of our hotel and I saw these two bikers. I was going to shoot them without their knowledge when they looked up and noticed me. They started waving. It wasn't quite what I had in mind but I was pleased.

The Drunken Santa

I met "The Drunken Santa" while riding the trolley in New Orleans. We were touring there in the beginning of December 2015 and he was on one of my many rides to wherever I happened to be going at that time. He kept saying "Who wants a candy cane? Who wants a candy cane" while everyone was ignoring him but me. I had to reposition myself within the trolley car so that I could photograph him along with capturing the expressions of the other passengers. They all had a look of disgust on their faces. 

The Parked Car

Portland Maine. I don't exactly know why but I just felt compelled to take this woman's photograph. 

Theft Prevention

Taken on the streets of Philadelphia. 

The Cast of the Blue Fin

Street Photography, Penn Yann, NY, Sept 2015. As I was shooting some photographs from the docks of Penn Yann, This boat, the Blue Fin, came drifting by with these four guys dressed in blue jeans, plaid shirts and suspenders... Though it was 2015, it could have been 1950. A timeless scene.

Additional Images


For my last Street Photography Photograph I give you "Marcel". He was our surprise lunch guest at Le Pinocchio Restaurant in Monaco.  My wife and I sat at a four top table where we ordered a bottle of wine and a pizza. While we were enjoying our lunch we noticed this gentleman looking at our spot so we offered to have him sit with us.  It was Marcel.  He thanked us for the invitation and went on to explain that this has been his table for the last 41 years.  He eats at Le Pinocchio whenever he’s in Monaco and he always sits at this spot.  He said it’s his favorite restaurant because it’s not a tourist spot and he knew we would be good company because we were drinking a bottle of wine at lunchtime.  We knew we were at the right place…We ended up having a long conversation with Marcel and we totally enjoyed ourselves.  He explained that his job was in hotel management which caused him to travel the world. He’s been married for 47 years and for most of his career he and his wife would communicate via the mail.  He said that he still has all those letters today.  Thank you Marcel for making Monaco even more special.Cheers.