In the South

Montgomery & Selma, Alabama

During our winter road trip Holly and I toured the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace & Justice in Montgomery as well as the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma. We were deeply touch with an almost overwhelming sorrow but we were glad that we took the time to visit these areas. It is a part of our history that we need to share and we wish that everyone in our country would consider taking this tour.


The day that we visited the National Memorial for Peace and Justice was cloudy and overcast. It was very fitting for the way we were feeling. This is a place that everyone should take the time to visit but be aware that the sadness can be overwhelming.

A Striking Sculpture

I was told that I could take photographs while touring the National Memorial for Peace and Justice as long as my work was tastefully done. This scene just struck me deeply. In the background you can see the hanging representation for each of the counties in each of the states listing the names of each individual. This sculpture is titled is a monument to the transatlantic slave trade and the artist is Kwame Akoto-Bamfo.


I was full of deep, dark sorrow while touring the National Memorial for Peace and Justice but what struck me and saddened me most was the listings of Unknown.

Hard Times

This is another sculpture from the memorial in Montgomery.


The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, Montgomery, Alabama. "Thousands of African Americans are Unknown Victims of Racial Terror Lynchings Whose Deaths Cannot be Documented, Many Whose Names Will Never be Known. They are all Honored Here".

So Many

This is just a small amount of the many, many sculptural representations (hanging steel rectangles, the size and shape of coffins) that document each person that was lynched in each of the individual counties in our country. It is an overwhelming sight to experience. More than 4075 documented lynchings of African Americans took place between 1877 and 1950, with most concentrated in 12 Southern states.

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice

This memorial includes a rectangular metal sculpture listing the names of those that had been hung in each individual county/state.

Over 4400

While touring the memorial we were told that there are over 4400 names represented.

Sacred Soil

There has been a very concerted effort to dig up a gallon jar's worth of soil at each of the lynchings sites that had taken place across our country with each jar listing the name(s) of those lynched at that particular site. This is one of many sets of shelves that are in both the National Memorial for Peace & Justice and the Legacy Museum. I was not allowed to take photographs in the Legacy Museum due to the restrictions that have been put in place. Fortunately they allow photography at the memorial.

Artwork From Selma

This is one of the many pieces of framed photography at the Selma Interpretive Center. It is a very striking and heartfelt collection of work.

Edmund Pettus Bridge

Selma Alabama. The site of Bloody Sunday, March 7, 1965. Holly and I wanted to hike the bridge while in town but it was raining heavily during our visit.

"Raise Up"

By Hank Willis Thomas. This sculpture represents the systemized police violence directed towards African American men.

Let's all Remember

At least that is my wish.


Dock Street of Cedar Key

I took this photograph from the public fishing pier looking back at Dock Street in January 2017. Cedar Key is a gem of Old Florida and we look forward to our next visit to this cool little town.

Quintessentially Cedar Key

To me, this old structure is so Cedar Key... It's the remnants of what was known as the Honeymoon Cottage. It's Old Florida and, it's what attracts us the town. With a great sense of community, good restaurants, fun and interesting people, bands like The James Gang, it's a great place to visit.

The Sunset & the Fisherman

Cedar Key artwork.

Go Ahead, I Dare You

Brown Pelican of Cedar Key. While I was taking the photograph it looked like he was saying "Go ahead, I dare you" warning me not to get any closer. I did heed the warning.

The Waterman's Office

I took this photograph in February 2019 from my kayak on the backwaters of Cedar Key. I enjoy watching all the watermen of the area doing their preparations, launching their boats, coming back with their days bounty and just doing their daily duties around town. It's extra special to see it all from the water.

Roseate's Aplenty

Taken in the back bay area of Cedar Key Florida during our 2019 winter road trip. We typically get to see these lovely birds during our annual visit to the town.

The Full Tuck

The Brown Pelican in its relaxed position.

Cedar Key Transportation

The prefered mode of transportation in Cedar Key is the golf cart. They even rent them to the tourists.

Palm Silhouettes

Sunset from C Street February 2019

Comin' Home

My goal was to capture the Honeymoon Cottage in silhouette as the sun was setting behind and, to my pleasure this fisherman decided to cross in the foreground.

The Fishing Pier

Cedar Key. Taken at 6:40 in the morning of February 11th, 2018.

Night Sky of the Suwannee

I took this photograph at the marina area of the "Shell Mound". The Suwannee River is at my back and this is looking out over the bay area. I wanted a totally dark sky, however, the lights of the towns at the horizon crept into my image adding that orangish glow.

The Contortionist

This Brown pelican was hanging around the dock area of downtown Cedar Key. As I was taking its photograph it began to tuck its head in a strange and awkward way. Thus my title.

The Sailor's Boat

Well used and ready to sail. This is the boat of "The Sailor" that I met at the boat building event in Cedar Key. I was amazed to hear where all he has sailed this boat.

Looking Through

I took this sunset photograph by shooting it though a dilapidated structure that sits on the wharf area of Cedar Key. The sunset caught my eye as I was "Looking Through" that torn out portion of the building. This structure is no longer exists.

Little Blue

This Little Blue Heron kept hanging out with a juvenile Night Heron in the water just outside of our camper while we were in Cedar Key during our 2019 trip. There was a great food supply and they were enjoying themselves.

Juvenile Night Heron

In search of a good meal.

"Big Ed"

I'm pretty sure that "Big Ed" and I would not have seen eye to eye on many issues and I think we would have had conflicting views on life but, you gotta give it to him.... he's surely made a statement with his shrine. If you look real close, you will see a photograph of him "flipping off" all who pass his grave.

Going Fishing Anyway

I took this from the town pier located on Dock Street in Cedar Key. As you can see it was a dense fog but these three guys were "Going Fishing Anyway". When many awake to a foggy day they can feel depressed or uninspired to spend time outdoors. For me, I get excited knowing that I can shoot as long as the fog remains and capture some wonderful photographs.

Channel Markers

Always an important part of navigation on the water but, even more so when faced with fog. Cedar Key, FL Feb 3, 2019.

Honeymoon Cottage - Of Cedar Key

As it slowly fades away the Thomas Guest House, otherwise known as the Honeymoon Cottage is an icon of the town of Cedar Key. I first photographed it last year and I captured it with a quarter-moon in the background and a purplish, cloudy sky. This year I caught it on a foggy morning. The only residents of the Honeymoon Cottage these days are the shorebirds who roost and perch on the remains of the structure. My goal is to keep shooting photographs of this structure on a yearly basis until it is no more.

Kayaking With the Birds

During our winter road trips I spent a fair amount of time out on my kayak in the mangroves of Cedar Key. One of the many joys of doing so is seeing all of the shorebirds. Many days you will find groups such as this sitting in the shallows created by the oyster beds and they watch me as I'd paddle by.

The Purveyor of Goods

We met this gentleman selling his treats in Apalachicola in January 2017

The Ole Boat of Apalachicola

This old boat, nestled in the front yard, caught my eye as we were walking the streets of Apalachicola in January of this year. What a gem of a little town with some great lod architecture, wonderful shops and fantastic restaurants. I can just imagine the good times this boat has seen in its days on the water.

Low Tide

I took this photograph while driving between Carrabelle, FL and Apalachicola, FL along Rt 319. This road runs right along the coast and, as I was driving I saw this boat sitting in the sand due to the low tide. I pulled my jeep off the road in a rather precarious location but I needed to take this photograph along with several others.

Reclaimed by Nature

Mother Nature has a way of taking back was was once hers. Her vines slowly grow, and grow, and grow causing rust and decay and added weight thus pulling and pulling at a structure until one day it all falls apart. While occurring, she creates artwork that cries out to me to capture and share. This was taken in the old dock areas of Apalachicola in January 2017.


This is another sign of the difficulty of owning a Shrimp Boat. I took this photograph in the Carrabelle Florida dockside. this past January. It was sad to see that this boat was lost during a storm and there is sits to rot away at the docks.

Stranded by the Tide

In Carrabelle, Florida.


Beach Puddles

Taken in the early morning hours on Driftwood Beach of Jekyll Island. This was taken at 6:47 am and was about 30 minutes before sunrise. It's that blue time of morning.

Mushrooms & Stump

Jekyll Island, GA.

Still Life of Driftwood Beach

This was taken on Driftwood Beach of Jekyll Island, GA.

Enjoying the View

Gulls on the fishing pier in St Simons Island, GA.

North End Sunset

This was taken from the north end of Jekyll Island, GA as the day was coming to an end.

Jekyll Island Sunrise

This was taken on Jan 6, 2017. It was such a brilliant morning to be on Driftwood Beach of Jekyll Island.

North Carolina

Mooring Lines

This is a close up of the mooring lines of the Shrimp Boat - Bridgot Denise of Wanchese, NC.

Kinnakeet Pier

Holly and I took a 6 day trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in November of 2015 and we had a fabulous time sightseeing throughout the area. This photograph was taken this morning as the sun was rising over the fishing pier in Avon.

Fishing On The Pier

This was also taken early this morning as the sun was rising over the Kinnakeet Pier in Avon, NC. This was actually taken with the same lens as the earlier photograph. It is a Nikon 28-300 and I just love its capability. Some decided to sleep in for that extra hour this morning but, I needed to get out and shoot while the clouds were providing this dramatic scene.

Old Diver of Ocracoke

Old Diver, Old Diver What do you say? And he says…. Nothing? I came across this grave while we were touring Ocracoke Island and just had to stop and shoot a photograph. I then did some research on Augustus Abner McGuire and read that the townspeople feel this area is haunted. They try not to walk by here after dark. I also really liked all the trinkets, including a rubber duck, that people leave at the foot of Old Diver’s gravestone.

Crayola Crayons

This colorful row of house just begged for me to stop and shoot a photograph. They are sitting along the beach in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A true gem of color.

Colorful Crab Traps of Wanchese

During our tour of the Outer Banks we went to Roanoke Island. We had lunch along the waterfront in Manteo, visited the Elizabethan Gardens located on the north end of the Island and then stopped at Wanchese located on the southern end of the island. There were a number of shrimp boats as well as fishing/crabbing related industry. I just loved the sight of the brightly colored crab traps and the old trailer just added to the scene.

A True Gem

The last time that I was in the Outer Banks the Bodie Island Lighthouse was under renovation and was covered in scaffolding. It was a pleasure to see it again, fully refurbished and ready for me to take a photograph. This lighthouse was put into operation in 1872 and is still operating today. A true gem and a must see if you are traveling in the area.

Pamlico Dinghy

This was taken from Harbor Road in Avon (Kinnakeet), NC and is looking out on Pamlico Sound as the sun was going down on Halloween night. I loved how the light was touching the dinghy giving such a warm feeling.

Surf Fisherman

Taken along the coast in Rodanthe, NC.


Memphis Grate

On the streets of Memphis, TN.

Signs of Beale

Beale Street, Memphis May 2017

Signs of Beale

Beale Street, Memphis May 2017


Motor Car Company, Nashville. I took this photograph during our summer road trip through Tennessee in May 2017. This is the old Marathon Motor Car Company Building that is now the second home of American Pickers as well as numerous other vendors. You can see more of my work at

Antique Archaeology

We just had to visit... The American Pickers Store in Nashville, TN. We stopped here during May 2017 road trip and, yes, I'm a fan.

Store Hours

This is another photograph of the Antique Archaeology store in Nashville, TN.

Best For Boiling

Boiled Peanuts anyone...? Not for me. Taken at a little roadside stand somewhere on Route 61 between Memphis, TN and , MS