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April Road Trip

I'm presently traveling to and from Terrebonne, Quebec and, of course, I'm taking photographs as I travel. Here is a collection of those that stood out to me

Ears Up

Donkey of Mohican Farms located in Blairstown, NJ. I stayed on the farm for a night because of my membership with Harvest Host. The farm was quite a gem with many fresh fruits & vegetables as we'll as prepared foods homemade on the farm. - iPhone Photography.

My Place for the Night

This again was taken at Mohican Farms. - iPhone Photography.

Above it All

I was spending the night at a brewery located close by in Plattsburg, NY. and when crossing a walk bridge that leads across the tracks I noticed this scene and just had to capture an image. - iPhone Photography.

Art on a Pole 1

This photograph along with the next two were taken on the grounds of the Cetre d'art Diane-Dufresne in Repentigny, Quebec

Art on a Pole 2

Art on a Pole 3

The Intimacy of Mother Nature 

Popping at the Seams - This was from a hike that Juni and I took on the Discovery Trail at the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge. Much of my day today was about the micro world that is happening around us and it's too easy to walk past without even noticing.

Fernheads 1

The World in Miniature. Taken on the Maquam Creek Trail of the refuge.

Fernheads 2

The World in Miniature. Taken on the Black Creek Trail of the refuge.

Vergennes Falls Park

Juni and I were traveling the "Blue Highways" today as we were making our way down through Vermont. As we were traveling we came across this lovely small town called Vergennes so I decided that this would be our spot to eat lunch. I choose this park and I was so glad I did. It was quite beautiful.

I'm a Going Fishin' 

Now this is the way to spend the afternoon. Relaxing by the fishin' hole just waiting for that bite.

Golden Oak & Jimmy D.

I saw this scene as Juni and I were hiking around the park in Vergennes. I was then speaking with a gentleman who told me they are on loan from the Lake Champlain Boat Museum and that the local high school kids crew each and race them. I really enjoyed this scene with the red brick, the stone, the white addition with a metal roof, the colorful chairs and, most of all, the boats.

Reflections of Vergennes

This is a wider view of the scene with Golden Oak & Jimmy D.

April in Sussex County, DE

I've been getting the opportunity to go kayaking this month and I typically take my small Sony RX 100 VII with me when I get out on the water. It is not the same quality as my Nikon but it's great for this type of use. When the fish aren't biting I capture what I'm seeing. Being in a kayak allows me to get in close to nature without being observed by my prey. 

Canada Geese on the Pond

I had another great morning on my favorite pond. It is so enjoyable to float with the geese, to cast my rod and catch a few fish and to capture these images that will always take me back to that moment. Take notice to the water surface for this day versus the other photographs posted below. There was definitely a difference because of the lack of pollen.


I saw this scene as I was on my way to my kayaking spot so I pulled of into the field capture an image of it. This form of irrigation is used throughout southern Delaware.

Cooter on the Log

This turtle, like the one I photographed last week, just wasn't bothered by my presence as I kept getting in closer to capture the best photograph.

The Gold & the Gander

I got out in my kayak today for some fishing and photography on my favorite pond in Sussex County, Delaware. The fish bite was slow so I had my camera (Sony RX100 VII) at hand much of the time. This scene was looking into the sun and there was a haze of stuff floating on the water and capturing the bright light from the sun. The cypress trees are beginning to leaf giving a golden color both on the trees and reflecting on the water surface. If you look close you will see the gander.

A Pair

These two, along with a number of other pairs on the pond, are getting ready for their seasonal nesting. Again, the gold on the water was quite special today.

Fishing in the Shadows

I wasn't the only one trying to catch fish on the pond today. There were several Great blue herons doing the same thing only, they don't use a fishing rod.

The Blue in the Brush

This Great Blue heron allowed me to get in fairly close while in my kayak. It never really seemed to concerned about my presence.

The Disfigured Cypress

The cypress tree typically stands tall and proud as you can see in the background of this photograph but it was the disfigurement of this tree that captured my eye and, once again, there is a gander in the scene.

Northern Red Bellied Cooter

Hanging out on the bulbous base of a cypress tree. Normally these turtles jump in the water as I get close but this one decided that it wasn't giving up its spot.

The Greens of Spring

I just love kayaking among bald cypress trees and each season provides its own beauty. To me, this scene was just lovely with the reflections, the light greens of the new growth and the dappling of oranges both in the brush and in the reflection. Now I look forward to my next time on the water.

March Road Trip

This is the beginning of a collection of photographs from my most recent road trip. The trip consisted of me and my little dog Juni traveling in a Van Camper and hitting some areas of Virginia on down to Georgia. I enjoy traveling with my little girl.


Cape Charles, VA. Looking out over the Chesapeake Bay.

Standing on the Wrong Side of Love 

Cape Charles, VA. Juni and I set out on a one to two week road trip today and we started off with a stop in Cape Charles for lunch and a walk around town. That lighthouse you see in the background is not a lighthouse at all... It's there water tower in costume. We are on our maiden voyage in a new Class B RV (A van camper).

Men at Work

Street photography, Virginia Beach, VA.

Workin' at the Carwash

With the artwork in the background. This gentleman was kind enough to allow me to take his portrait.

Still Life

Some things just scream out to me... Take my photograph.

Looking Out to Sea

I loved how the light was glistening over the water of the Chesapeake Bay during my visit in Cape Charles.

The Selfie of Virginia Beach 

Normally I take my street photography images without the knowledge of my subject, however, for this guy, I was to late to the draw so I asked him to re-enact the scene. I'll be sending him a copy.

What Do You Want to Do?

Fill in the blank.

It's Alive

And munching on the facade.

A Bit of an Artwork Detour in my Journey

These next thirteen photographs are a series of murals and other art that I saw as Juni and I continued our walk around Virginia Beach, VA. There were just too many to name each one. Tomorrow we head on to our next destination.

Now, Back to my Trip:

Old Point Comfort Light

Fort Monroe. This lighthouse marks the entrance to historic Hampton Roads and it sits at the mouths of the James, Nansemond and Elizabeth Rivers. It stands 54 feet high and began operation around 1805.

Just the Top

Old Port Comfort Light.

Four times One

This was taken while Juni and I were on a hike around Newport News Park. I used my iPhone to capture this image.

Lee Hall Mansion

An Italianate plantation home built in 1859 by Richard Decatur Lee. Located in Newport News, VA.

Lee Hall Mansion II

This photograph also show the brick structure in the backyard which was the kitchen. Quite a lavish kitchen for its time.

Four times One

These four houses share the same architecture with only subtle differences between them. They sit all four in a row on Main Street, Smithfield, Virginia. The weather was overcast and cloudy during my brief stay in town.

Smithfield Water Tower

As Juni and I were walking around town I could see this water tower off in the distance so I just had to hike over that way so I could take a photograph.

The Fixer-Upper

Who Knows... a fresh coat of paint and a little tender loving care and ya just might be on to something. Or may it be that nightmare you have when you book an Air B&B and in your dream you keep imagining this.

The Summer Kitchen

Not quite like the one at the Lee Hall Mansion.

Merchants Millpond State Park 

Taken while Juni and I were hiking the Coleman Trail.

Neighborhood Hunt Club

I passed this structure as I was driving to my next destination yesterday and I had to turn around and go back to photograph it. I'm always attracted to these old structures and I enjoy capturing them before they are gone forever. See more at

Back on the Island

Late this afternoon Juni and I pulled into Tybee Island and we will be here for the next four nights before we begin our journey back north. We took a walk shortly after we arrived so I could grab a bite to eat and I happened upon this scene which I just had to capture though I only had my cell phone with me. The Great blue heron had no worries of us being there. I should’ve been carrying my Nikon.

Spanish Moss

Juni and I took a nice long walk around Tybee Island this morning and we passed by this scene in our travels. Spanish moss is so attractive and adds both an eeriness and a beauty at the same time.

Just the Top

Tybee Island Lighthouse.

Yet Another Detour in my Journey

These next eleven photographs are a series from my walk with Juni today around the Bonaventure Cemetery of Savannah, Georgia.

Busy at Work

With music in his ears... or news... a podcast maybe. Taken along the waterfront in Savannah.

Hawking Her Wares

Street Photography along the waterfront.

Sitting on a Park Bench

Street Photography of Savannah.

The Workman

As Juni and I were walking around Savannah, we came across this gentleman who was setting up a work area for some construction. that was going on. I struck up a conversation and we talked for a good five minutes or so. I then asked if I could take his photograph and he was happy to allow me. So, this is street photography with a twist.

Sign of Savannah

A Dappling of Light

Architecture of Savannah.

One of the Row

Architecture of Savannah.

Faded Glory

Coca-Cola. You gotta wonder how old this advertisement might be.

My Morning Walks

As I take my early morning walks with my dog Juni, I'm constantly on the lookout for that scene that catches my eye. The following are some of those images.

Good Morning Lewes

As the sun comes up over the horizon the canal lights up with the warm morning light.

The Lone Sailboat

Docked in the canal in the center of the Irish Eyes reflections. I was out early this morning on my walk with Juni but we were in that middle light area. That grey time of the morning that comes after the beautiful predawn blue light but before the golden colors as the sun is rising.

Over the Overfalls

That little white ball in the sky is a 79% Waning Gibbous... yeah, I know... it's the moon. It was great to be back out with my Nikon and with Juni of course. Enjoy your day.

Blue Skies of the Morning

Taken well. before sunrise along the canal in Lewes. It's nice to be back to using my Nikon and it's always special to be on a walk with my little dog Juni.

Front Street

Architecture of Lewes. I was up very early this morning and I was in time to catch the blue hour that comes well before sunrise. You can see the light starting to change way off in the distance and there were some wispy clouds that added a texture to the sky.

Morning Blues of Lewes

This is more of my early morning walk on February 16th.

Gull on a Piling

Taken during my early morning walk with Juni.

Morning View

This is the view that I get to see during many of my morning walks with my little dog. I never want to take this for granted. 

Piling Reflections

Taken from the walking path of the Canal Front Park looking across the canal to the pilings in front of Irish Eyes. You can see the green and yellow lights of the restaurant's deck area.

We're Open

Lewes Harbor Marina is open and ready for business... and, keep in mind, I took this photograph at 6:05 this morning as Juni and I were taking our walk. Note: I didn't have a tripod with me so I had to prop my camera on a piling to be able to capture this with minimal blur. It's called, making use of what's around you.


As the silt from the canal is pushed in around the Overfalls it becomes "Stuck". Taken during my morning walk

Pine Needles

Juni and I took a nice long walk in the pine forest of the Cape Henlopen State Park again today. Our weather today is again giving me that yearning for spring.

The Pier

It was a grey morning walk with just a touch of color at the horizon as the sun was making its first appearance for the upcoming day. I took this photograph along the canal in Lewes and I'm looking toward Rehoboth Beach with the Freeman Highway Bridge in the frame. I had to use a post as a makeshift tripod due to the lack of natural light at that time of the morning. Get out there and enjoy the day.

Looking up a Pine

How do you look up a pine? Well, let me tell you how I do it... I lie on my back in a soft bed of pine needles with my head close to the trunk of the tree and then focus my camera towards the top. Thus I end up with an interesting look at nature. 

The Crows Nest

And the light is always on. This is the crows nest of the Lightship Overfalls  of Lewes, DE. Yeah, Juni was with me. See more at

The Maritime Flagpole

Located along Gills Neck Road, I walk past this flagpole most every morning and I've been wanting to photograph it with the sunrise in the background. This morning I had the opportunity to capture it. I think my dog Juni was as happy as I was.

Hooper's Island

These are some of my photographs from my road trip to Hooper's Island, MD. last fall. Hooper's Island is being consumed by the Chesapeake Bay as the sea levels continue to rise. I shot here about six years ago and there was a noticeable difference during this visit. This is an island of watermen who make their livings crabbing, oystering and fishing.

The Trees of the Marsh

I took this photograph from the parking lot of Old Salty's Restaurant on Hooper's Island, MD.See more at

Isle in the Fog

I left yesterday morning and headed to Hooper's Island and there was a heavy fog for most of my morning travels. This scene was taken as I was crossing a narrow strip of land at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and it just grabbed my attention. This was taken with what I call my "Real Camera" and I can not post these photographs until I'm back at my home. So, although my short excursion is over, I now get to truly see what I captured with my Nikon.

Death in the Marsh

As the saltwater of the Chesapeake Bay intrudes the Marsh the trees die off. It creates a beautiful but sad scene. Taken on Hooper's Island during my recent road trip.

Fall Softness

Sometimes it's the little things that capture my attention and this scene was yelling to me.

Fence Along the Road

The mix of colors captured my attention as I was driving along Hooper's Island Road.

Pine Tree and the Docks

More from Hooper's Island, MD.

Cranes at the Water's Edge

This scene was taken at the docks of Vienna, MD and it's not the cranes you would normally see along the water's edge.

Hooper's Island Bridge

Built in 1980 with a proposed cost of $500,000 but ended up at more than $3.5 million. Is it a "Monument of Man's Stupidity"? See here for the thoughts of then County Commissioner Tom Flowers thoughts. I think you'll get a good chuckle.

Arlington Farm

These are photographs from my stay at Arlington Farm last fall. My hosts Paul & Narelle were quite special people who are living off the land of their farm. They raise chickens, duck, goats, pigs and they have a big garden of fresh vegetables. I spent a night on the farm and they provided me with a spot tucked back in the woods close to their pond. Thank you Paul & Narelle. 

Buddy - The work dog... 

Buddy quickly became Juni's and my friend during our stay at Arlington Farm. I was told that they were having problems with the local fox population wiping out their chickens and ducks. That is until they got Buddy. Once he showed up and went to work the fowl could go about their merry way without fear.

Keeping Watch

When we first pulled onto the farm property, the goats greeted us by watching our every move. As we were parking and getting out of the car, Nurrel told me that I could allow Juni to run off lead. I did and for the next half hour she chased the goats all around the property. I finally got her back on her leash and the goats then kept watch of our every move.

Crossing the Fence Line

The fence doesn't stop the goats from making their way about the farm. These guys were such a hoot to watch as Juni and I hike around the farm.

More of the Herd

It's like they were saying "No way are we gonna allow that little dog to sneak up on us again".

The Pond

This was my view from my camping spot at Lexington Farm. 

Serendipity Meadworks

My second stop on this trip was a meadery in Smithfield, Virginia. Up to this point I have not tasted mead but I have now and I enjoy it. So much so that I brought three bottles back home with me. Jane was my host for my tasting and she allowed me to do the tasting outside. Jane told me of the history of their meadery and was quite the storyteller about each product. Thank you Jane for sharing your knowledge, your history and for providing me a place to spend the night.

The Old Shed

I was so glad that they are keeping these old structures on the site of the meadery. I think they could tell such interesting stories.


A sign of the Meadworks

The Heroes of the Mead

These are just a few of the bees of Serendipity Meadworks. Busily making honey.

One of Many

There are numerous Hives on the farm and this is just one of the groupings.

Hangin' by the Light

I think this guy had one or two glasses to many.

The Silo

A band shell, a workshop, maybe a place to live... Jane told me that her husband has had multiple uses for "The Silo".

The Silo in B&W

I just had to do a black & white version.

Fleets Island

During my trip I took numerous detours to find things that inspired me. One of the best detours I took was going to Fleets Island. It brought back my inspiration to shoot, to capture, to express myself through my photography.

Pots Aplenty on Fleets Island

Just a pile of crab pots. Some brightly colored and some not so.

Baskets of Gold

Especially when they are full of fresh caught blue crabs.

Sometimes it's Just Trash & Gloves

Back to Port

After the mornings catch. Crabbers of Fleets Island, VA.

Meet Parker

After photographing These two as they were coming back into the docks from their morning on the water I got Parker's name and email address so that I can send him some of the images. It looked to me like they had a good morning by the number of full crab baskets.

Tools of the Trade

Fleets Island crab baskets & gloves.

Are You?

And, if so, whatcha gettin'. I meant fish. What were you thinking?

Pulleys & Stays

Boat rigging from Fleets Island


What adventures have you been on Echo. I'd enjoy hearing of your storied past.

Lines of Echo

More of Fleet Island. As I see it.


This is where it all happens. The decisions, the navigation & charting and the tails of past expeditions.


Or maybe just resting and waiting for a scrapping and some paint.

Rigged for Oysters

This is a Deadrise Boat that is presently rigged for Oystering.

Reedville, VA

Another detour took me to Reedville for both a photoshoot and a lunch that consisted of an oyster po'boy sandwich with some great local fried oysters. I really enjoy it when I stumble upon these small fishing villages. Especially those like Reedville and Fleets Island. I hope you enjoy what I've captured.

Dinghies & Pileings

Reedville, Virginia

Double Doors of the Past

Located somewhere outside of Reedville. This old building caught my eye as I was driving by. So much so that I had to turn around to go back and photograph it.

Full Frontal Image

Of the house with the double doors.


I just love finding these old structures that are still in use. Still providing that needed workspace that they've been doing for many, many years. This building certainly met my desires.

The Sign

So now you know where I was taking all of these photographs. Steamboat Wharf... A photographers treasure.

Found Treasures

Duck decoys, fishing line & lures, electric cord and a green hose.

Rope or Line

I guess it depends on what it is used for.

Menu Board

And I really couldn't believe the prices... Rock Fish & Flounder $4.00 per pound, Trout $3.00 per pound, Spot & Croaker $2.00 per pound, Soft Crabs $4.00 each.... Wow... I would be there biggest client if they were closer to home.

The Chair

If you don't have a chair... build one. Take notice that the seat and chair back are both on an angle making it much more comfortable. And you thought you should throw those old skids away.

The Workspace

I can only image how many years this space has been in use and/or how much fresh seafood has come through this facility. A true gem.

Still Afloat

All it would take is a new coat of paint and you've got yourself a brand new boat ;). 

The Docks

Pull up and unload your catch. 

Workboat of Reedville

Flyin' the Red, White & Blue.

Just Another Hole in the Wall

This is Alex

If it were not for him I would not have been able to take all of these images of the Reedville Steamboat Wharf. While shooting I offered to take his portrait but, I must say that I am sorry Alex. I did not re-adjust my settings from the very low light in the facility so I ended up blowing out your image. I do promise that if I get down your way again I will take  another portrait for you. Thank you for allowing me to take these photographs.

Horses of Vesco Ridge Vineyards

This past October I joined Harvest Host which allows me to stay at numerous wineries, breweries, museums, farms, etc and the first place I stayed was Vesco Ridge Vineyards. Nancy and Dan, the owners of the winery were very welcoming and they make some great wines. After a tasting where Nancy and I shared numerous stories I ended up with a case to bring along back home. These horses do not belong to the winery but to a neighboring farm. They too were quite friendly and seemed to really enjoy a good rub behind the ears.

Hay... Yeah, That's What I'm Eating

This is horse one

Horse Two

In full color

Blue Eyes

Horse three

Horse Two

In black & white

Here I Come

Horse two coming for her rub behind the ears.

Who's Nose

Now that you've seen all three "Who's Nose" is this?

US Route 9, New York


I always enjoy a good sign, a sign that catches my eye, a sign that causes me to want to pull off the road to take a photograph. This sign is located in Queensbury, NY and it's along the Route 9 Scenic Byway. The only problem I had was that they were closed so I couldn't parktake of their goods.

Lancaster County, PA

Harvest Time on the Amish Farm

This scene caught my eye as I was driving through southern Lancaster County Pennsylvania and I had to stop and photograph what I was seeing. 


I was amazed watching this guy maintaining his balance while controlling his three horse team. He had just finished unloading his corn into the silo and was heading back to the field for another round.

The Three Horse Team

I really enjoyed capturing this scene as the guy was turning his wagon around so he could head back to the field. Take notice to the steel wheels on the wagon.