My Latest Work

For the foreseeable future I'll be spending my time in and around our hometown of Lewes, DE and my photography will be reflecting what I see as I'm out and about. I look forward to taking another road trip but, due to to the COVID scare, I'll be staying put for quite some time. My wife and I are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place with so much nature around us. I hope you enjoy what I've been capturing.

Eyes of the Sea

Horseshoe crab of Lewes Beach. See them eyes looking at you? See more at


I took this photograph on my early morning walk this morning on Lewes Beach. I've been seeing this little dinghy sitting up on the dune for some time now but I've not been able to capture it in a way that pleased me. This morning was different. the circular cloud cover along with the morning light gave it a more appealing look to my eye. My plan was to shoot it in color but I feel the black and white worked better.

It's A New Day

Taken at 5:44 am on Lewes Beach. There's something special about being on the beach at sunrise

Algae on a Sunny Morning

Taken on Lewes Beach a few mornings ago. The algae on this jetty was a brilliant green in the morning sunlight.

Plowing Through

Recently someone asked me "How many photographs do you need of the Horseshoe Crabs?". My answer... as long as I keep finding different ways to capture them, I'll keep shooting them. I took this photograph at 6:22 this morning. It was close to low tide and I still had a bit of the golden glow of the sun.

Eye of the Whelk

Today was the first time that I've ever had the opportunity to see the "Eye of the Whelk". I was out for my morning walk with my dog Juni and it was just coming on to low tide. The whelks were in abundance in the shallow water and this one caught my attention. While shooting I notice the Eye that I've never seen before.

Tracks in the Sand

Yet another horseshoe crab on Lewes Beach. I enjoy seeing these prehistoric looking creatures as they make their way across the sand.

Whiskey Jack

Morning Showers

On a recent sunny day. Juni and I met some of our doggie friends on Lewes Beach during out morning walk today. I always enjoy seeing dogs enjoy themselves on the beach. I do think they have even more fun than we do.

Never Giving Up

I thought I would post this photograph for those of you who are not aware of the uniqueness and beauty of the Horseshoe crab. These two had been in the process of mating when they were flipped onto their backs. I'm not sure how it happened but, it was most likely while the tide was in and they were being jostled around. As you can see that the male at the rear never gave up his hold on his female subject. Take a close look at their underside and the intricacies of their legs, claws, etc. Also look at the amount of sand that is caught in the shell of the male crab. That sand makes it extra difficult for them to turn over on their own. If left exposed on their backs for too long the heat and shorebirds will be their demise. These two along with many others will live to see another day because, as we walk the beach, we take the time to flip them back over. If you come across a horseshoe crab in your travels and it's laying on its back, consider giving it a flip but, don't pick it up by its tail. You could harm the crab by doing so.

Tiger Lilies

Shot in my backyard

The Bloom

Tiger Lily from my backyard.

Alone in Lewes

For our afternoon walk today we decided to hike around downtown Lewes and it was a strange feeling being almost alone on a beautify sunny day.

The Porch

I have shot this porch numerous times over the years and I just keep getting drawn back to it. The wicker chair on the right is losing all of it's covering on the left side arm rest, the porch posts are cracking and in need of a few coats of paint, the clutter of everything including in front of the front door, the squiggly bulb in the light, the overall disrepair... It's perfect in every way. I'm sure that it will catch my eye again in the future.

Turquoise, Blue & Chartreuse

Beach colors of Lewes Beach. Taken during our morning walk today.

The Lone Whaler

Taken during my morning walk on Lewes Beach.

Gills Neck Road Architecture

Taken on our morning walk.

March on the Beach

I wanted to get up very early this morning to for a walk on the beach before sunrise but it just didn't happen. So, I headed out for a much needed walk for both me and Juni during the late morning sun. It was a pleasure for us both but I do need to get back into the habit of getting up early.

Refreshing the Clothesline

It was time for a new set of clothespins today so that we can hang out our beach towels and swimwear. Taken at f/2.2 with a 50mm prime lens so the depth of field is extremely shallow. All of that bokeh (blur) is straight from the camera. Taken in my backyard.

Old & In the Way

And I love it... Disrepair seems to grab my eye... in black and white of course.

The Forest Floor

Holly and I took Juni for a walk through the Cape Henlopen State Park yesterday and the pinecones laying on "The Forest Floor" caught my eye. We are trying to get out each day for a nice walk in nature while maintaining our distance from those around us. It's a strange time.

SUP in the Morning

I took this photograph in the early morning hours last week. As I got to Lewes Beach I saw this guy heading out on his paddle board but he was pretty far away. My goal was to catch up to him so I could capture his photograph with the sun rising directly behind him. As you can see, I never caught up. I kept finding other things that caught my eye. The early morning low tides will be returning early next week and so will I. That's my favorite time to be there with my camera and my little dog Juni.

The Colors of June

Another day of a 5am start time so I could get down to Lewes Beach for the sunrise. There weren't any sailboats in the harbor but the colors were spectacular for about 10 to 15 minutes. The actual sunrise was a bit blah due to clouds at the horizon.

As the Sun Breaks the Horizon

I climbed out of bed at 5am this morning so I could head down to Lewes Beach for the sunrise. When I first crossed the dune to enter the beach I saw this sailboat moored in the harbor and I knew that it was going to be my subject for today. The only problem was that the cloud cover was a bit too heavy so I had minimal opportunity to get what I was after.

Lighthouse, Gull & Sailboat

And just a small peek of the sun. Lewes Beach at 5:42 am on June 24th. Black & white with just a touch of a light vignette.

The Best Seats in the House

But you gotta get there early to get them... Lewes Beach in the early morning hours.

Right to My Toes

I took this early Thursday morning on Lewes Beach. There was so much cloud cover on this "Clear Morning" that the sun only peeked out for a brief time before it was obscured yet again. This trail of light came all the way to my toes.

Blue Clouds in the Morning

Lewes Beach, Lewes, DE

Subtle Sunrise

Herring Point at 5:50 am today. I was hoping for a few clouds however there was a rather heavy cloud cover at the horizon but it gave me this subtle sunrise.

The Rocks of Herring Point

Taken at 5:50 am yesterday morning at Herring Point in the Cape Henlopen State Park. It was a subdued sunrise due to the cloud cover but Herring Point can still provide a pleasant scene.

Peeking Through

Taken this morning on Lewes Beach. There was a low level of clouds that blocked the sun at the horizon so it took a bit longer to peek through. Sunrise this morning was 5:43 so I could sleep in for a few extra minutes.

I'm Up - And so is the sun...

At least it was yesterday at 5:53 am... this morning it was covered in fog.

My View on July 6th

It is pouring today with flood warnings, tropical storm warnings, small craft advisories, special marine warnings, riptide statements and high wind warnings so, no beach time for me... This was a scene from Herring Point this past Monday morning.

Meet Juni - My photography partner...

This is who I'm talking about when I say "Taken during my walk with Juni". She's been with me on many of my photography shoots and has always been a good assistant.

2 Shipcarpenter

Taken during my morning walk with Juni.

Eastern Box Turtle of Cape Henlopen

This turtle was slowly making its way across the path as I was leaving the beach on July 6th so I had to stop and take a photograph. I got down on my stomach and zoomed in but did my best not to scare it away. As I was leaving the park in my Jeep I saw another one crossing the road in a busy area so I pulled over and helped it cross without incident.

Overfalls in the Morning

Taken at 6:35 am today as I was walking Juni around town. There wasn't much "Good Light" this morning but it did peek through every so often.

The Garden

Shot in my backyard

The Good Father

Male European house sparrow feeding it's hungry peep. Shot in my backyard.

At the Docks

Along the canal in Lewes. It's late July and we still had the park to ourselves. Taken during my morning walk with Juni.

Pushups, Every Morning, Ten Times

Holly and I went for a drive today and we stopped at Trap Pond to eat our picnic lunch. When we got there we saw this squirrel acting rather silly on the top of one of the picnic tables and all I could think of was Go You Chicken Fat Go...!

Mayor Thompson House Circa 1904

This is another of the architectural gems of Lewes, DE. It was originally built in 1904 and is of block construction with an Ashler stuccoed finish. It is another of my favorites in our town and I needed to do this in b&w. See the attached photograph that I placed in the comment section of this post for a detailed history of the house.

The Door on the Corner of the House on the Corner

Park & Third. Juni and I walk by here on many of our morning walks but it's typically shaded with unappealing light but, this morning, the sun was shining down. I enjoy capturing the architecture of our town.

136 Gills Neck

More of the Architecture of Lewes from my early morning walks with Juni. This happens to also sit on a corner and we pass by it several times each day. We feel so fortunate to live in such a great little town.

310 W. 3rd

The home of some friends of ours, this relatively new construction fits well in the town of Lewes. Take note of the artwork sitting on the header of the front door. Taken in the early morning light during my walk yesterday.

Erin, Jay & Family

Last evening I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot for their family. Here is a sampling of the images that I took. I look forward to getting their reaction.

Drama in the Background

I was out at the point in Cape Henlopen State Park for a sunset photoshoot of the above family and this is what was happening behind me. I'm glad I turned around.

The Fog Before the Storm

Taken at 7:09 this morning as Juni and I were out for a walk. By 8:15ish we had a good quick blast of a thunderstorm. As you can see, some will still head out for a day of fishing even with the threat of bad weather.

A Little Piece of Lewes

Located on what's likely the shortest street in Lewes, this colorful little house was the attraction to my camera lens this morning. 12 Church Street, Lewes.

In the Full Morning Sun

This home is just about seven years old and, though new architecture, it fits in very well with the other homes on this section of Gills Neck Road. The original house that sat on this spot was moved many years ago by picking it up, turning in around and moving it to the lot of land that was directly behind this location. I was told that the owner at that time felt it was too cold and windy being located on the canal. That home, which I will photograph some day, is another one of the beautiful structures of Lewes.

The BPW Mural - By: Kyle Consehr.

Kyle started yesterday and is to be finishing up later today. This is taking place on the back side of the BPW Building on Schley Ave in Lewes and the artwork will be easily seen from the bike path. I'm enjoying watching him provide this freehand mural with just a can of black spray paint. I recommend that you walk or bike the path and stop to take a look. Thanks Kyle for adding your touch to our town.

More of Mulberry

Architecture of Mulberry Street, Lewes, DE.

The Artist - Kyle Consehr

It's coming together

The pink steel structure was already attached to the building so Kyle painted it pink to add to his mural.

The Curl

At times the ocean can look like it's alive and that's especially true with an offshore wind hitting a wave as it's breaking causing a heavy blowing mist. This was taken on the north breakwall of the Indian River Inlet.

September at the Point

I went out to the Point of the Cape Henlopen State Park this evening to capture the sun as it was setting for the day. It was coming onto low tide so the beach ripples were aplenty. They add such a wonderful texture to a photograph.

East End Light

This is another photograph from last evening. For some reason there was a flurry of bird activity around the East End Light and I'm not sure what was causing it. Today the low tide will be at sunset so I'm going to head back out to the point for another shoot.

Ripples & Waves

This is one more of my photographs from this past Sunday evening at the point in the Cape Henlopen State Park.

After Biblion

I had a task to do a photoshoot for a friend and her dogs and her location was one that I could walk to. As I was walking back home I spotted this couple sitting on one of the benches in the Zwaanendael Park. It made for a classic Lewes scene. Shopping downtown for some gifts, grabbing a coffee and taking in the piece and quiet of our local parks.