My latest work

Early Morning Drama

Juni and I got up at 5:00 this morning to head out on the beach for her birthday walk. It was a nice initial sunrise that got better after about 15 minutes as the clouds started cover over the sun. By shooting with a long lens and underexposing the photograph things became quite dramatic.

St. Mark & John

Architecture of Jim Thorpe.

44 West

More of the Architecture of Jim Thorpe.


Incoming - The Reading Blue Mountain train coming into the Jim Thorpe Rail Station.

Three Cats - On Lewes Beach

Just waiting for their sailors to arrive.

Full Moon Setting

I climbed out of bed this morning at 4 am to head out and capture the full moon as it was setting for the day. In most situations I try to eliminate "noise" in my photograph but today it was that "noise" that made the image pop. I hope you enjoy my work. See more at

We'll Keep the Light on for You

Tom Bodett, American author, voice actor, and radio personality used to say that Motel 6 would keep a light on for you. Well when it comes to lighthouses, that's been what they've done since the beginnings of their time. This morning I captured the light of the Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse As the sun just began to peek over the horizon.

Artwork From the 50's

We recently took a road trip that included some time in Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania otherwise known as Jim Thorpe and during our walk around town I came across these beautiful old gems. Supposedly the owner has a rather large collection. I was glad to have the opportunity to see these three.

The Chrysler

This is another photograph of the cars of Jim Thorpe.

Back on the Beach

It has been too long since Juni and I have taken our morning walk on the beach. Well, we did it today and she just loved it. When we got up I said to her "Do you want to go to the beach?" and her ears perked up, she gave me this knowing expression and she started to cry with her excitement bubbling over. Tomorrow will be her eight birthday so I'll be taking her there again for a celebratory run.

Signs of Erosion

I hadn't been to Lewes Beach for a while and when I got there the other morning I was surprised to see that the winter erosion is still having its effect on the beach. Typically it begins to fill itself back in come spring but it doesn't look like that's going to happen this year. Hopefully I'm wrong.

The Beacon of Light

Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse as seen from Lewes Beach just before the sun came up at the horizon.

Moon & Power Lines

Taken as the moon was setting for the day.

The Last of the Strawberry Moon

Lewes Beach at 5:22 am. Taken 15 minutes before sunrise with the waning gibbous in the background.

Mt. Gretna PA - July 2021


Holly and I took a road trip this past weekend to see our son and his husband. Part of our trip took us to Mt. Gretna where we hiked around the streets and pathways to enjoy the cottages. This was one of my favorites.

Colors of Mt Gretna

This is another example of the cottages of Mt Gretna. Full of color, a large porch, and wooded surroundings.

The Tabernacle

I took this photograph while lying on my back in the tabernacle of Mt Gretna. It was very dark in under the roof covering so I had to crank my ISO to 8063 so that I could capture the image without a tripod. The exposure was 1/10 of a second which is rather slow for a handheld image so I did my best to rest my camera on the brim of my hat. I really enjoy all of the structural elements that were put in place to create this open air building. When looking back at the image I realized that they need to clean the center light fixture. Should I call and tell them?

It's All About the Porch

This is one of the more grand homes of Mt Gretna and it's a classic example of what it means to have a big, open air porch with plenty of space to sit with family and friends. This home is also a great example of balance in architectural design. The left side matches the right side in almost every way.

Stacy Pipkin Family & Friends - July 2021

Last evening I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot for Stacy Pipkin on the beach at Gordon's Pond.

Here are some of the highlights of my shoot.