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Ricketts Glen Road Trip

Juni and I just returned from yet another eight day road trip. This time our focus was on the waterfalls of Ricketts Glen State Park which is located in north central Pennsylvania. The Falls Trail takes you past 21 major waterfalls in a 5 mile loop trail. There is another waterfall located on the south side of the park and that trail will lead you to the falls trail for a total hike of about 7 or so miles. Note: The hike is labeled as "Difficult" and I must say that it really is so make sure you are prepared with good hiking boots, some drinking water and a snack and I recommend adding hiking poles to that list as we'll. Here is some of what we experienced.

Flinchbaugh’s Orchard

Our spot for the night. Juni and I started our trip with a stop off in the York area to visit with friends and family and this was where we spent our first night.

Waking Up On the Farm

Juni and I had a good night’s sleep among the peach and apple trees and we awoke quite early to hike around the orchard for our morning walk. Now it’s off to further adventures.

The Color of Mud

Juni and I spent our second night at a place called Nine Pines Farm and we got to meet the pigs. Please note that they had nice grassy areas to spend their time but these guys just really enjoyed the mud. My thought was… “Hmmm, I wonder what color they actually are”.

Three Little Pigs

Yup, these guys are beyond the piglet stage but they’re too young to run with the pack. I did purchase some chicken and sausage from the farmer but I waited until I left the farm before eating any of it. I don’t want to upset the animals ;).

Sheldon Reynolds Falls

Our first day hiking and it was a great morning on the trail with only a few other people during the hours that Juni and I were there. It was so exhilarating to be back at Ricketts Glen.

Trickling Water

Hiking around waterfalls is something I just treasure. There is the difficulty of the hike but it's also the beauty of the water. When photographing this running water I slow the shutter speed enough to provide that dreamy effect. Today I didn't have my tripod with me so I made use of my hiking poles to keep the camera still while the sutter is open. This is a close up of the left side of Sheldon Reynolds Falls of Ricketts Glen.

The Left Side

This is a portion of the Harrison Wright Falls of Ricketts Glen. I enjoy zooming in on a small section of a waterfall that is not part of the main flow of water. To me, doing this can be more magical than capturing the entire waterfall. I really like how the light was hitting this scene. I shot this at 1/25 of a second which provides for the feel of the water cascading down the rocks.

The Crooked Tree

This is an example of how the trees fight to survive the shifting ground that surrounds them. They cling to the sides of the cliff and continue to thrive adding an extra layer of beauty.

Tiny Little Falls

Again, I enjoy focusing in on the small sections of a waterfall and capturing the subtleties and the tiny little sections that are all a part of the overall waterfall.

Erie Falls

This is a 47' waterfall and it's located just above "Waters Meet". Waters Meet is the point in which the two streams meet up in the loop. There are three falls located below this point that make up the 21 that are actually on Falls Trail. There is one last waterfall that is below rt 118 that is called Adam's Falls.

B. Reynolds Falls

I carried my Nikon for our first day but left it in the van on the second and third days because it was just too cumbersome to carry when using hiking poles and having a dog on a leash on these crazy trails.

Tuscarora Falls

Taken with my iPhone on our first day of hiking. As you can see that I cannot slow down the shutter enough for the dreamy effect when using my iPhone.

Adam's Falls

Located at the bottom of Ricketts Glen, Adam's Falls is the easiest to access. It is located just a short hike off of Rt 118. This is the 22nd falls of the glen.

Street Photography on the Trails

If you look close you’ll see a guy taking a photograph of his wife who’s sitting up on the cliff. She’s wearing an orange jacket. I struck up a conversation with them and they are touring from the Netherlands which made me laugh because I know many people that live within two hours of this brilliant park but they’ve never visited. Their main purpose for coming to the states was to run in the Boston Marathon and now they’re touring the northeast before heading back home.

Me and My Little Partner Juni

I came across this family on our second day of hiking and I used their phone to take a photograph of their family in front of the 94' Ganoga Falls. Afterward, they offered to do the same for me. I'm finishing this section with this photograph because I was so proud of Juni. She hiked these trails like a mountain goat and she's just a little dog... a little dog with a big heart. I will be printing and framing this one because it means so much to me.

Massachusetts Road Trip

Juni and I just returned from an eight day road trip that took us up through New York and then across route 2 to Ipswich, Newburyport and Marblehead. It was an historic trip due to the architecture and the history of that region of the country. I was so inspired by what I was seeing that I took many photographs. Here's a touch of what we experienced.

Road Trip 

Yup, we’re on another one. Juni and I left Lewes around 10 am yesterday, stopped to spend some time with friends in Robesonia, PA and then spent the night in the parking lot of the Cabela’s in Hamburg. Tonight we’re staying at a brewery in NY and tomorrow we head to Newburyport, MA where we’ll be spending three nights before making our way back home. We pulled off in this rest stop/welcome center as we were entering NY State. It’s extremely windy and the van is rocking as we’re sitting here enjoying a bite to eat so, with the craziness of the weather I decided that I had to go crazy with my processing of this photograph.

Troy, NY

Juni needed a rest stop so I pulled off the road in Troy, NY and this old building caught my eye. We should be in Ipswich, MA in about 3 1/2 hours and I’m looking forward to walking the streets.

We’re in Mass…

I’m pleased with our drive this morning for my GPS has been taking us on the side roads and we’ve just crossed through the mountains and entered Massachusetts. We didn’t drive far before we came upon Williamstown which is the home of William’s College so we had to pull off the road for a walk.

My Lunch Stop

As I was passing different restaurants and realizing that it was time to eat, I saw this Mexican Food Truck and it became my choice for food. I got their "Special Burrito" and it fantastic and was enough for two meals. I ate half and then fried the other half in avocado oil two days later. Frying it made it taste even better than fresh.

Pavilion Beach Breakfast

Juni and I got up early and headed to Pavilion Beach to eat our breakfast. This was our view.

Ipswitch Architecture 1

Ipswitch Architecture 2

Ipswitch Architecture 3

Ipswitch Architecture 4

Fried Clams

Ipswitch is the best place in the world to get fried clams and I had my share. They are fantastic.

"Osprey: Pandion Haliaetus"

By: Wendy Klemperer 2019 - This piece is located along the waterfront trail in Newburyport, MA. I loved this piece and I did my best to do it justice. 


As Juni and I were walking the riverfront trail of Newburyport we came upon this artwork bench. It was a cold but sunny morning and we thoroughly enjoyed our walk.

The Underside

Light, color, lines and reflections… they attract my attention.

Under Cover

Dockside in Newburyport.

Speaks Volumes

This shop speaks my mind. I took this as Juni and I were walking around  Newburyport. We had a great time and now we’re tired. I think it’ll be an early night for both of us. In fact, Juni’s already asleep with visions of equality in her head.

Newburyport Harbor Rear Range Lighthouse

Built in 1863 and decommissioned in 1961. Today it is available to rent for events and offers a view of the river and city.

The Copper Craftsman

As Juni and I were hiking around Newburyport we came across this guy who was installing copper spouting on one of the historic structures and I asked if I could take his photograph. He was quite happy to allow me to do so.

The Yacht Shop

Located in a back alley of Newburyport.

The Canvas Shop

Down by the waterfront trail in Newburyport.

UU of Newburyport

Founded 1725, Meetinghouse Built 1801 - I just had to photograph this structure.


A Newburyport Bar.

RailRoad Bridge

Taken while hiking along the riverfront park of Newburyport.

Tied at Both Ends

What I try not to be. There are times when being at the end of your rope (line is the nautical term but that doesn’t work too well) is somewhat doable but being “Tied at Both Ends” is not for me. 

Thanks to my friends Cindy & Tim Davis, Juni and I have switched our tour to Marblehead instead of Salem and, oh my, I’m glad we did.

Workers of the Barnacle

Juni and I met these two guys as we were hiking around Marblehead. We chatted for a bit about the history of the town and they told me that they work on the lobster boats during the season and this time of year they work in the restaurant which, I’ve been told, is a great place for fresh seafood.

Life on the Edge

I processed this one to make it rather haunting. Why, because it just works. I titled it “Living on the Edge” because it’s located on the rocky shoreline of Marblehead. The tide was out when I captured this image which again adds to that haunted feeling.

Glenn with 2 n’s

Meet Glenn and his wife. Juni and I did as we were hiking around Marblehead. Glenn grew up in Marblehead so he was a wealth of information. As we were chatting his wife said that today is his birthday so I asked if I could take their photograph and give them a copy. As you can see, they allowed me to do so. When I asked his name he said “Glenn. Glen with 2 n’s”. Happy Birthday Glenn with 2 n’s! I thought the lobster traps were fitting to be in the background as well as the yellow “No Idling” sign.

Solitude in Scripture

When I shoot street photography I rarely ask for the authorization of my subject but something told me to ask this time. This gentleman was sitting along the water’s edge and was so into his reading that when I walked up to ask, I had to say excuse me several times before he looked up. It was then that I noticed that he was reading his bible. He caught my eye because of his somewhat disheveled look, long grey hair and beard. I stepped back and took several photographs and he just went right back to the pages of his book.

The Crooked Architect

Well, I must clarify… I think this is likely to be a very good architect because their building is so very crooked due to age but they left it that way. It’s hard to tell by looking at my photograph but, this is one crooked building. I love it.

Marblehead Architecture 2

Marblehead Architecture 3

Marblehead Architecture 4

Marblehead Architecture 5

Marblehead Architecture 6

Marblehead Architecture 7

Marblehead Architecture 8

Old North Church 1 - Taken from the right side.

Old North Church 2 - Taken from the left side.

Marblehead Light

Located in the Chandler Hovey Park on Marblehead Neck

Shelburne Falls From Afar

As Juni and I were beginning our drive back home we pulled off for a stop at Shelburne Falls, MA and I’m so glad we did. These two bridges made it all worthwhile.

Looking Across the Deerfield River

The Colors of Shelburne Falls

Juni’s Hike

We’re making our way back homeward and I decided to find a hike for Juni. She enjoys walking the historic towns but not the same as being in the woods. With the use of the “AllTrails” app I found this two mile loop trail that we turned into about 3 1/2 because we took some side trails to bypass washed out and muddy sections. As we were hiking we came upon this scene.

After Her Hike

This pretty much sums up our eight day trip. We did so much hiking taking in all of the sights of the three Massachusetts towns that we visited that we're both tired. I look forward to our next adventure and I think I'm safe to say that so is Juni.

Winter Road Trip of 2024

This is the beginning of a collection of photographs from my most recent road trip. Juni and I took off just before the cold weather moved in and we're heading down as far as mid Florida and we'll be visiting friends and family along the way.

The Roots of Jekyll Island

Well, we did it... Juni and I got up at a little after 5am today so that we could get out on Driftwood Beach before the sun came up. This place is so special and it excites me when I get there in these types of conditions. I hope you have a good day as well.

Juni and the Gull

I really like this photograph because I captured Juni looking at me while a gull was flying through the scene. This was taken on Driftwood Beach in Jekyll Island, GA early this morning.

A Haunting View

This is a line of dead or dying trees on Driftwood Beach and it was the first photograph I took this morning as I was getting close to my destination for my photoshoot.

More of Driftwood Beach

I took numerous photographs this morning and it's hard to pick the best ones for my website. This one certainly needed to be added along with the others.

Artwork by Mother Nature

I took this photograph while Juni and I were hiking around the south end of Jekyll Island. This section of the beach was also full of Mother Nature's Artwork. Shot with my iPhone.

A Sailors Dozen

This also was taken along the docks in Brunswick, GA. Those 12 boats just called out to me to take their photograph.

All Tied Up

This morning Juni and I hiked along the docks in Brunswick, GA and we happened upon the Trinidad Pearl.

The Disappearing Bridge

I saw this as Juni and I were heading out for St. Simon's Island this morning with a rather heavy for in the area and it was especially heavy over the Turtle River. As we were heading out I saw this scene of the Sidney Lanier Bridge and I just had to try and find a place that I could pull over to take a photograph.

The Lighthouse and the Live Oak

This is the St. Simon's Lighthouse. I took this photograph as Juni and I were hiking around the downtown area this morning. iPhone Photography.


Kayak fisherman in the Indian River, Titusville, FL. This person was out fishing on a foggy morning. I did make several adjustments and I removed a very faint tree line but it's mostly from the camera. I took the photograph with a high ISO setting and that, along with the fog, really made the fisherman stand "Alone".

Little Red Boat

I call in "Little Red Boat" because of that little boat to the right of the two sailboats. If you zoom in you can see just how cool it is. This was taken from the banks of the Indian River in Titusville.

Foggy Sunrise

Juni and I got up a bit late today but I don't think we missed too much with the sunrise. This was taken looking out onto the Indian River in Titusville, FL. Taken with my iPhone.

Island in the Fog

And don't miss the pelican flying through the scene.

Tucked Away 

Juni and I just got back from a tour around the Merritt Island NWR. We drove the Black Point Wildlife Drive and it was heavy with bird activity today. But, to me, the excitement came from the alligators. This one in particular was my favorite. I love the way it was hidden and tucked in behind the shrubs. I had to sit down on the ground by the waters edge to capture its eye.

It's All About the Wiring

A sign of Tarpon Springs. See more at

Brown Pelican

I spotted this guy hanging out in the back area of the seafood store in Tarpon Springs. I guess this bird knows all the good spots in town.

Come Take a Cruise

On the SPONGEORAMA Cruise Lines. There were numerous opportunities for a boat ride in Tarpon Springs and there were even more people on the street hawking theirs as the best.

Sponges on the Anastas!

Hanging out to dry in Tarpon Springs.

St. Lucie & Her Sidekick

St. Lucie is a Tug that pushes the barges in and out of the river in Tarpon Springs. Her Sidekick rides alongside of the barge to help insure its safe travel in the narrow waters that are quite full of other boats. There's something about these tugs that is so attractive to me.

The Question Is...

What did you do on groundhog day? Well, I have a great answer to that question. While Juni and I were out for our early morning walk around the Shell Mound Campground, these two guys, Ramey & Robby who I had never met before, pulled in to launch their airboat for a day on the water in the wetlands of Cedar Key.

I asked if they would mind me photographing them and that I would gladly give the copies of the images that I capture. They were quite agreeable and after a few minutes, Ramey asked me if I've ever gone out on an airboat. Well, the answer was no so he then said "Would ya like to?" and I think you can quickly guess my answer. I took Juni back to the van, gave her some water and headed back to the boat ramp.

The ride was an exhilarating experience to say the least. I road with them out to a spot where they wanted to catch some bait with their cast nets and I was excited to capture those images.

They then offered to take me fishing for the day and I had to turn down the offer because Juni would've been stuck in the van while I was out enjoying the day.

The Following are 15 photographs of the 168 that I took. Yep, I'll be giving them all 184 to use as they wish. It was the best groundhog day I've ever had.

Take a look at the 2nd to last photograph. It's of Ramey and Robby riding off waving goodbye as they headed back out on the water.

The Crane & The Gull

When Juni and I first pulled into Fernandina Beach this morning we walked along the docks so I could photograph the shrimp boats and the pelicans but then I caught this crane out of the corner of my eye and it became the focus of my attention.

The Shrimp Boats

This was my focus before I saw the crane.

Nets & Rigging of the Shrimper

I had to use my 300mm lens to get in this close because there wasn't any access to hike up to the boats.

Adult Brown Pelican

Of Fernandina Beach. These birds are quite plentiful along the dock areas and this one just seemed like it wanted me to take its photograph so I just had to oblige.

I'm Outta Here

The Brown pelican finally got tired of me taking its photograph so off it went to find a quieter place to hang out.

Dinghy on the Dinghy Dock

Yeah, that's what they call it... the dinghy dock and it costs $5.00 per day or $25.00 per week.

More From the Dinghy Dock

With the paper mill churning in the background.


This sailboat, sitting alone in the middle of the St. Mary's River reminding me of being alone in calm sea. A feeling of solitude. Of reading a good book and escaping into the pages as I read chapter after chapter.

St. Mary's River

I found this gem of a town of St. Mary's, GA through two of my good friends who have visited here a few times. I'm really glad that I followed their lead and spent a day here.

Morning Light of St. Mary's

Juni and I spent the day yesterday hiking around St. Mary's, GA. Eating lunch at a river side restaurant and taking in all the sites. This morning I decided to came back for a couple hours before heading north and I'm so glad we did. The morning light was beautiful.

St. Mary's Waterfront Park

I just couldn't walk through this park without photographing the waterfall. The town of St. Mary's has done a really good job at keeping the waterfront accessible to the general public.


As this boat heads out to Cumberland Island taking its passengers to a day of nature and beauty they must first pass the scenery of the paper mill and pulp mill of Fernandina Beach, FL.

Our Last Night

This is a funky little brewery in Williamston, NC and it's a Harvest Host location. 

Cross Country Road Trip

For many years I've been wanting to venture out on a cross country road trip and I finally made it happen. To me, it is more of a journey than a road trip. My trusty companion Juni was by my side for the duration and we both had such great experiences. Here is a small collection of my favorite photographs from that trip. This first group of images are from the Le Claire, Iowa location of Antique Archaeology otherwise known as American Pickers.


Another photograph of the boat reflections in the marina.

Boathouse Reflections

I took this photograph at the George Skafidas Park that is located in Rock Island, IL. As soon as I saw those reflections I just had to capture this image.

The Gas Station

Also taken at the George Skafidas Park during my walk with Juni today. It was ver overcast and I took this from a distance. Again, those wonderful reflections are present in the water.

Working the River

Taken from the shoreline of the Mississippi River in Le Claire, IO. The tugboat caught my attention but it was the ripples that really pulled me in.

The Badlands of South Dakota

Dignity of Earth & Sky

As we headed out this morning on our way to the Badlands National Park we pulled off the road to see the Dignity of Earth & Sky cultural landmark that is located in the Chamberlain SD Rest Stop. I'm so glad we stopped.

As We Entered...

The Grasslands National Park. My first feeling was one of disapointment because when Juni and I got ready to take a 5-6 mile hike I noticed "No Pets" signs that were posted most everywhere making sure that you were aware that pets can only be along the road and parking lot areas.  I understood this as we got further into the park and I saw the thousands of prairie dogs.

My Lunchtime View

Juni and I are sitting in the van and this is our view out of the sliding door. It is the Badlands National Park in western South Dakota. Tonight we will be sleeping in the grasslands just outside of the park.

Multiple Layers

I really enjoyed seeing the colorful layers of the rocks of the Badlands. I was difficult to capture these different colors because of the bright skies as we were driving around the park.

Fall in the Badlands

Taken as Juni and I were traveling though the park.

Our Spot

Yeah, that's our van... the dark gray one that is sitting at the edge of the cliff. Juni and I will be spending the night in the Bureau of Land Management Grass Lands and we found ourselves a perfect spot. They call this dispersed camping and, it's free. The only issue is that it is off grid which suits us fine.


Juni and I found this as we were hiking in the grasslands.

Days End in the Grasslands

Juni and I found this trail that lead from our van up to the fenceline that runs between the Badlands and the Grasslands. The fence is to contain the bison within the National Park grounds.

Badlands to the Left... Grasslands to the Right

This is "the fence".

Sunrise in the Grasslands

Juni and I took a hike back up to the fence to capture the sunrise and I was pleased how this came out.

Camper Silhouette

This was taken well before sunrise while Juni and I were beginning our trek back to "the fence".


West Point Lighthouse

To me there is just something so attractive about a lighthouse. Each has its own character but they all serve a very similar purpose. I search them out whenever I travel.

The Climb by: Nathan Robles

I saw numerous pieces of atwork in Coeur d'Alene but this realy struck me. At a time where we as a country seem to want to hold people back because of their sexuality, the color of their skin, their religious belifs, etc... This piece speaks to the idea of helping. Of reaching out to lend a hand. To help someone reach the pinnacle of life. I wish we could all provide that support to those in need. What a wonderful place the world would be if we could do this.

The Climb II

This image zooms in on the climber and on the helping hand that is being provided.

The Climb III

This is more of a head on image of The Climb.

Tubs, Showers & TV

This sign looks like it's from the late 50's or early 60's when things like a tub, showers and a TV where something extra special.


This restaurant made it on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. A great looking spot.

How do you Like Your Burritos

The Neon Moon

Another sign of Coeur d'Alene, ID.

Farm Silhouettes

I took back roads for my drive from Utah to Washington and It was such a pleasure to get off the highway. This image was one of my last scenes before leaving the state.

TIC, TAC, TOE Six in a Row

Now this is how you harvest wheat in Utah.


The Lady in Red

Cannon Beach, OR with the Haystacks in the background. Juni and I took a second walk on the beach today and this time it was in Oregon. For years I've had the Haystacks marked on Google Maps knowing that one day I would get there. Today we did. After shooting this image, I approached "The Lady in Red" and got her email address so that I could send her this photograph. The  beach was actually quite crowded but I had the ability to isolate her with this wonderful background.

The Pose

This was me photographing the photographer photographing his subject as she was happily enjoying the moment.

Hamming It Up

She was just having fun and had no clue that I was capturing the entire scene. Street photography is my favorite form of art and scenes like this just make me want to capture more and more.

Daughter Shoots Father

With a camera... This is the same twosome but in this scene, the roles have changed.

Wholly $@£€

That’s what I keep saying as Juni and I travel along. Around each turn there’s something even more spectacular than what we’ve seen before. This journey renewing my soul in so many ways but, as I write this post I have a tear in my eye that I’m not able to share this with Holly. This is the Ben Jones Bridge.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

I pulled off the road and down into a neighborhood to a photo spot that was listed on Google Maps and this is what I could see from that spot.

From Afar

If you can take your mind off of the waves, the blowing sand and the gull flying in the scene, yes, look past all of this and you will see a speck of white. A tiny speck of white. That is the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

Nature's Artwork

This is one of my last views of the Oregon Coast. I look forward to seeing it again someday.

Rocks & Gulls

This is looking the other direction on Cannon Beach. Looking this way the sun is bleaching the sky adding a whole different dimension to the image. It was such a great hike for Juni and me.

Cormorant in the Dead Tree

I passed this rock island yesterday and thought that I should've stopped to photograph is. Well today on my way back from the Rockaway Beach area I pulled off the road before passing it by. It was a heavy fog and mist causing this surreal look. I think it's quite fitting for Halloween.

The Full Island

Or should I say two islands.

Ancient Western Red Cedar

Juni and I hiked back to see this beautiful tree today and we did it in a fairly heavy rain.

Looking to the Right

Both this and the next photograph were taken from almost the same spot along the Oregon Coast.

Looking to the Left

This is that second photograph.


A Magical Place

Today I got to see the Redwoods for the first time in my life and what an overwhelming experience it was. It me me feel small and quite humble to stand among these giants.

Redwoods, Redwoods Everywhere

There is so much darkness and bright light among these trees as you can see in this image.

Bilbo Baggins

Doesn't this look like a scene that you imagine when reading "The Hobbit"?

The Base of the Redwood

It's so hard to capture these beautiful trees and really do them justice. This show the base of one of these majestic trees.

Me and the Redwoods

I just had to do a selfie while visiting these trees.

Gnarled and Full of Moss

This tree is supporting so much more life than just its own.

Great Wines of Brutocao Cellars

This was the first of my many wine stops as I travel California and It was a good one. Chris was my host for my tasting and we had a great conversation.

I'll Have a Pilsner

Yeah, that's what I said at this taproom in Hopland, CA. Of course it was called "The Hopland Tap".

Wreck of the Ole 97

Though I don't actually know her name. She was moored at the winery in Rodeo, CA where I spent the night.

California Surfing

Rt 1 about 10 miles north of Santa Cruz. Most times I just want to cruise down the highway but I was glad that the traffic backed up allowing me to capture this photograph out of my drivers side window.

The Crow at Pigeon Point

With the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in the background.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

This time without the crow.


I had to work to capture this the way that I wanted to. It was worthe the effort. Pacific Grove, CA.

The Rock Climber

As Juni and I were taking a walk along the beach I saw this young couple from a distance and they had a little remote control truck that I just had to photograph.

Gull on a Rock

And the sailboat was a nice addition. I was too late to capture the boat behind the bird.

Point Pinos Lighthouse

Circa 1855. Pacific Grove, CA.

The Other Side

The Point Pinos Lighthouse overlooking the Pacific Grove Golf Links

The Beach

Pacific Grove, California.

Keep Out

Sunset Beach on a foggy morning.

The Fence Post

These "Fence Posts" are all along the beach trail in Pacific Grove and although they are all similar, there are still enough differences to continue to attract my attention.

The Stairway to the Abyss

At least it gives that feeling due to the fogging morning.

Point Sur Lighthouse

Today Juni and I took a drive down Rt 1 south to Big Sur and we stopped numerous times along the way so I could photograph what I was seeing. I attached my 400mm lens to my camera so that I had a greater reach. I decided that this needed to be in a soft-tone b&w giving it a somewhat haunted feel.

The Zoomed Version

This is the same lighthouse only this time I zoomed in to the full capacity of my lens.

The Crash of the Wave

I really enjoy watching waves building to such an intensity that when they smash into a rock formation they send out a great spout of water that blooms like a flower into a mass of white. The water then rolls down over the rock and returns to the deep blue of the sea. And to know that this scene plays out over and over again. day after day, year after year.

Fog, Clouds, Mountains & the Sea

I took this photograph at one of the many pull off spots heading south on Rt1 to Big Sur. I could have spent hours taking in the sights that I experienced today and, I know that I have to get back here again.

The Bridge

Circa 1932 the Bixby Bridge is an engineering marvel and a photographers dream. I stood there looking at it today and it just amazed me to think that they started with nothing but a large crevice that they had to build a crossing for the traffic of the future. And, they did it with the technology of 1932. This is located in Rt1 just north of Big Sur.

Bixby Bridge in B&W

This is another perspective on the bridge and I did it in b&w giving it a feel of what the photographs of 1932 would have looked like.

The Coastline

Unlike anything I ever see in Delaware. This section of the California Coastline is just magical with the mountains coming right up to the sea. If you look close you will see that there is a home located on the bluff in the foreground. I can only imagine living in such a spot.

Pacific Grove Sunset

It has been a wonderful 2 1/2 days touring the area and I really want to thank my friend Ben and his wife Kelly for allowing me to stay in their driveway.Tomorrow I continue my journey and I'll be heading south toward the LA area so I thought that this would be fitting for may last photograph from this area.

Elephant Seals of San Simeon, CA

This is just a touch of what I photographed during my time at the Elephant Seal Vista Point. I was using my 400mm lens which allowed me to get in close. I've been wanting to photograph seals up close for a long time... I finally had the opportunity.




Just a Pup

At Rest


Wide Eyed


Sweet Emotion